In space is the Tempo of 130 or less, depending on the location, depending on the attitude or ethos. Our author argues against the required speed limit, and brings a proposal, the much more promising could be considered a ban.

Approximately half of our highways is provided with a Limit, to construction sites and the informal Limits are coming, that is to say, the daily volume of traffic on our roads. Who takes about between Hamburg and Munich and the A7 is only able to here and there, lower the foot completely. Usually, the car rolls at speeds of 120 and Idle speeds in seventh gear through the area. This is fine for the range, E-car drivers love it. Three tracks in the same sound, apart from the love truck, the take more than is needed two traces in the hardware and the Rest to the third lane-pushing, if at all one exists. The speedometer needle comes anywhere near the 200, is only a pious wish.

We trust you and wish you a good trip

And then there is him, this Moment, the small oasis of unfolding, the Void in front of you, in combination with this white, round sign that says, now you may get back your ways to live. We trust you and wish you a good journey. The car lifts the head, the foot presses the lever, and the needle of the Speedometer wakes up from the 120-bedroom. The short and intense calls We do not trust up to the next limit with the shield “you from this sign, take your foot in custody”. That sounds like a suspended sentence, after the finger of mom and dad, you are fired, never out of the puberty and for you to warning tons of stories about the Evil of this world show show. Until you sneak secretly out of the window, but the banned Party to visit and on the way home, at three, the cigarette smoke from the shirt, shaking. They danced, made friends, good music and learned that you can take care of himself. So the millions of Teens / College girls, for generations. And so could the rest of us on the highway. We can take care of ourselves.

Per Tempo 130 – These are the arguments for the Limit

Now, the highway is not a Party, not a Playground for high-spirited Teens, and no dance floor. Since we are all in agreement. With a few exceptions. We’ll call it a “party crasher”. You come in already half-drunk, dancing with the vodka bottle in one Hand and Fag in the other. You roar, nervous, and because of you, at some point the police in front of the door, with a few earnest words in his Luggage. Mostly, it’s the words and the Crashern for a shrug. For the shield “On this Party, please leave the vodka on the counter. The cigarette remains on the table,“ pure waste. And that is exactly why you are nervous.

party crasher in action

Unfortunately, the party Crashers are also useful. They deliver stable and reliable. They boarded a Tempo-30-zones with a 60 km/h, they drive on the highway as close as it gets, you berate and everything that is in their way, and the worst, they call for freedom for motorists, because the concept of freedom is so important to insult pretty much. Only this is not true, unfortunately, for the safety of others.

mom and dad are happy, however, about you. Because without you, there is a total Limit would be hardly conceivable that the arguments would be missing. Safety and the environment. Two reasons, for many years, on banners, and manuscripts and can’t defend themselves for years. A smoker hiding in the bathroom, and the home run champion with the surveillance camera.

A suggestion. Dear mum and dad: not So easy to change Gas, when it comes to our safety and good air. There, where there are already Limits, just time. The party crasher in the long term to the hook. You want to go with 60 on the same day over? No Problem, it costs 3000 Euro, and a year without a license. You want to hunt with the 120 through the construction site on the highway? Only. It costs 5000 and the lobe makes two year holiday at the police station. With 200 km/h in a 120 Zone? Once and never again. Three years in the front passenger seat. It will work wonders and the streets are free again. No full throttle douche more, the all those with the smart on the accelerator in the basement with all the prejudices. (Also interesting: From Abarth to Ferrari Pista: Eight quick Italian)

The true Limit arises in the mind, and as long as it was properly screwed on, is a speed beyond 120 not a Problem. So, get the Crasher of the Party, then I can make more friends, listen to good music and to take care of myself.

This article was written by Ralf Bernert

*The contribution of the “Contra Tempo 130: A complete Limit does not solve any problems” comes from GQ. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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