is shaking While in Munich with temperatures around the freezing point, the FC Bayern in the significantly warmer climes on the tasks in the back round. Also in this year, in the winter, preparing to Qatar – due to the situation of human rights in a controversial journey.

The newspaper spoke with Sylvia Schenk about the Situation of guest workers in the world country by 2022. The lawyer and former track and field athlete is working for the law firm Herbert Smith Freehills and others concerned with the issue of human rights.

Mrs. Schenk, on this Friday, the FC Bayern on the break again to the training camp to Qatar. How has the human rights situation in the country of the world Cup-host of 2022?

Sylvia Schenk: At the work the right has done a lot of things. Piece by piece, not be the sites for the things improved only to the stadium. For a year the process with the International Labour Organization (ILO). We were with our human rights Advisory Board in October in Qatar, have spoken with the ILO.

if everything goes according to Plan, changes in the law have been met. I spoke with trade unionists: all voted total positive.

Schenk: Qatar is located in an exciting process

What has improved for the guest workers in Qatar?

The Kafala System (a guarantee system, which makes the worker dependent on the employer, d. Red.) is largely abolished. The passports of the workers may not be withheld, so that you can leave the country easier. The organizing Committee is also responsible for recruitment fees for the worker.

The safety standards are improved at a high level, housing and medical care and on the world Cup construction sites, there are now also Labor Advisory boards. The Problem is partly that the Committee needs to train the workers first. The such advocacy is not familiar with from their home countries. As an exciting process is taking place, not everything can be put into effect overnight.

What are the problems you see in Qatar?

dealing with Homosexuals is a Problem. Qatar is a conservative society with criminal laws against homosexuals. The be applied only to a limited extent, but that’s not enough. It has a lot of moves in the past few years, the world Cup construction sites are even praised by trade unionists.

On the question of the burden of heat, a study is running, there must urgently do something. Without the world Cup award to Qatar, many processes would not have been set so quickly.

How is the FC Bayern of his popularity, in order to point out deficiencies?

I know that the FC Bayern has made Qatar a lot. The women’s team completed in the meantime their training camp in Qatar, which was an important Signal for women’s football and for women in the Gulf region as a whole.

in this respect, Efforts have been made to recognize. I expect, however, is that in direct meetings with Government officials and sponsors, it is stated very clearly what the expectations of the FC Bayern are in a country that hosts the world Cup.

Schenk: football clubs have a special obligation

FC Bayern Has in this point of pent-up demand?

In Detail I have not heard that the FC Bayern has been positioned in the conversations. What was the public listening to, was more of a over wipe – that’s not enough, of course. It would be better if Bayern would be offensive to occur. You do not need to encounter its host and sponsors are constantly in front of the head and three times of the day to say everything that’s running bad. But you can do this the diplomatic way, so that your own attitude is clear.

Make up for other German companies in Qatar for human rights?

From the point of view of Fifa, and also from my point of view, it would be useful if several companies would join forces to make a difference. It is certainly true that all of the company’s positioning accordingly, and people should develop the concept. Since German companies are relatively cautious.

football Has a special obligation to point out deficiencies?

Yes. The football lives, in Essence, that he is so popular. Since the money is coming from. Therefore the clubs are more in the focus and have to be careful not to let the Concealing of violations of the law.

Bayern has the obligation to be at the high claim that football has positive effects for society, measure.

This article was written by Interview: Maximilian Koch

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