Criminologist on a rampage journey in Bottrop: “I expected such a case, in the past,”

Wednesday, 03. January, 03.40 PM: The criminologist Hans-Dieter Schwind, one of the causes of rampage rides like the new year’s eve night in Bottrop and Essen with eight injured in a growing sense of Threat from immigration. “There is seething unrest in the people, and then suddenly it comes to the outbreak,” said Schwind of food that appears the West German General newspaper. “This is a dangerous development. I expected such a case, much earlier,” said Schwind, who taught at the Ruhr-University of Bochum and the University of Osnabrück. Such a rampage, or the attacks on Refugee shelters in the past few months, the extreme tip of a General development trips, “and I fear that this continues,” says Schwind. “The culture of welcome is at the end,” he added.

The Bielefeld conflict and violence researcher Andreas Zick said that increasingly people are hospitalized from the middle of the company radical, which previously had no reference to an extreme right-wing ideology. “The Essen offender was previously on the Internet and has caught up in the fever of a movement that thinks the country will überfremdet and politicians have lost control,” said zig-the WAZ. “There is a growing sentiment in the population, which speaks of national identity, of resistance and of control, the need to take back into their own hands. This self-empowerment of citizens concerned me very much.”

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