“We want in the future, every year, on the basis of the early spring tax estimates concrete measures, and taken to be examined, in order to let the tax burden on the people will not continue to rise.” With these words, the “world quotes” the exclusive use of a request paper to the CSU for at 3. January, the beginning of the end of the closed meeting of the CSU Bundestag deputies in the upper Bavarian monastery of Seeon.

rising tax revenue, the Federal government should make concrete benefits for taxpayers, according to the report. In addition, the Bundestag should carefully consider whether new issues are not really necessary.

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The CSU wants to brake the debt with a “tax brake”

The CSU, refer to their concept as a “tax brake” and wants to serve as a reminder of the already existing “debt brake”. “Now we also need a fire wall against the tax burden of the people in our country,” according to the report in the Text. The proposal bears the title “For real social justice”. For it was necessary to strengthen the “service provider” and to reward work.

The CSU is trying to with your plans to relieve the middle of the society. According to the request text of all the citizens, “get up early, work hard, pay taxes, to take care of their families … and strengthen social cohesion”.

Many of these citizens are suffering from the cold Progression. The phenomenon explains the Federal Ministry of Finance with the following words: “Cold Progression is the name for a tax burden that occurs then is, if wage increases are only a inflation effect, and the income tax rates are not adjusted to the inflation rate.” This means that Despite the wage increase, many people have less in the bag, because it can slip into a higher income level. With the CSU required of the regular tax audits of the Negative would effect a stop.

tax Declaration: “at one click”

Every taxpayer is angry about the complicated provisions of the income tax law. Also, therefore, can look forward to Germany’s tax Advisor about in great demand. That’s about to change according to the intention of the CSU in the future. It is in the template for the Conclave: “We want the financial authorities, taxpayers in the future, the annual tax Declaration completely filled in.” The citizens would then have to only check whether the data are correct and complete. With a “click” could give the taxpayer the form.

in Addition, wants to abolish the Bavarian government party the application of the child benefit. Parents should arrive with the birth of your child will automatically benefit from the assistance.

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