FOCUS Online : How do you rate attack of the current hacker?

Sven Herpig: it is Particularly interesting that for the first time, personal data are published, even the most private communication is concerned. This is the point at which politicians and also your family members vulnerable. The second interesting aspect is the question of who could be behind the attack. Geopolitically, it could be in Russia’s interest to take over Cyber-spies in front of the state Parliament elections in Germany and the European election influence. Since the AfD is not affected by the attack, but celebrities that openly speak out against the right, would also be conceivable that a right-wing grouping was behind the attack. About the experts

Dr. Sven Herpig head of the Transatlantic Cyber forum is at the “Foundation New responsibility”. He deals primarily with Standards for national Hack. Prior to that, he worked for several years at the German Federal authorities in the area of IT security, first as employees of the staff of IT security in the Federal foreign office and then as Deputy head of unit for Cyber-security in the society of the Federal office for security in information technology.

“The private Accounts are not secured in the least”

FOCUS Online : this is the first hacker attack, the leaders are affected. The scope appears to be new. How easy are the main human spy in the German state?

Herpig: In this attack are probably affected also the private accounts of the politicians. We all know how little our private data are secured. At the same time, we also know that the really interesting things are to be found. Yet many of us could imagine hacking it apart especially on private data of politicians. But that is exactly what is happening now. The private Accounts that are secured least. The Federal authorities to offer – even for politicians – training to sensitize them to the protection of your private data. Every politician is also a private person and to protect therefore also responsible for these data.

“authorities offer advice for the protection of private Accounts”

FOCUS Online Nevertheless, should it be in the interest of the Federal authorities that the private information of the politician are secured.

Herpig: , Therefore, is offered from the side of the authorities, that a consultation for the protection of the private Accounts. Nevertheless, it is part of our basic democratic principle that politicians ‘ privacy is permitted. In the end, the politicians themselves to decide whether their data should be protected by the Federal office for information security (BSI), or from the protection of the Constitution.

data may still be under the access of the attacker

FOCUS Online : What will happen now in the aftermath of the attack?

Herpig: is The Cyber defence centre of BSI will take over the coordination of the Case. In the centre of the investigation, the questions will be, what the documents are and what groups of people the attack. Currently, it is assumed that the data is still in access of the attacker – if the passwords have not been changed.

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