The Swiss franc can provide the competition with six teams on Saturday against HK Metallurg Magnitogorsk from Russia to the semi-finals.

Only in the first 20 minutes, the Ice held the Tigers before them, the forces went out. The guided tour through Dante Fabbro (3. Minute) resembled the Nuremberg Patrick Reimer (21.) in the meantime. In the second third of Daniel Winnik (25.), Andrew Ebbett (32.), Zac Dalpe (34.) and Dion Knelsen (38.). According to 1:6 by Fabbro (43.) Mike Mieszkowski (58.) in the last third of the final point for the Franks.

in Nuremberg for the first time at the Spengler Cup and the first German Team since the eagles of Mannheim in 2015, may compete in the oldest competition in the sport. As the last German team, the Cologne sharks were able to win in 1999 tournament.



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