The one belongs to the SPD, and the other of the CDU. Of a grew up in Hamburg, Westphalia, the other in North Rhine-Westphalia. And yet it is completely obvious what they have in common: you maintain a sober style of government, like more of the quiet sounds. Seriousness factor: high fun factor: relatively low. Since today, the two combines, the German Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD), and the Multiple Ex-Federal Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU), of The a presented the book to the other: “to Govern. Interior views of the policy“. De Maizière introduced its presenter Scholz, then, as a kind of spiritual Relatives: “I was sort of the clip, and he is the Scholzomat.”

The raved at the book launch at the Pariser Platz in Berlin, through the former Cabinet colleagues. “I think he’s a nice guy.” De Maizière to offer with his book, a good insight as to “how all the Individual works” in the political operation, who does what, and what is the influence of the pressure of the Public. De maizière’s statement in the book, he would never have known so clearly as in the case of coalition negotiations, which is why he was in the CDU, was able to confirm Scholz this afternoon only – from the other perspective, of course. In coalition negotiations, he felt, why he was “with all my heart and every Pore of the social Democrat”. Gregor Fischer/dpa Olaf Scholz (SPD, l), Federal Minister of Finance, and Thomas de maizière (CDU), member of the German Bundestag and a former Minister of the interior

ignorance, arrogance, aversion,

This Thomas de Maizière has nearly three decades of government experience. He held – among other things – in Saxony Cabinet post, he was in Berlin, Angela Merkel’s Chancellery Minister, then Interior, then defense, and finally Minister of the interior. And in the headquarters of the single democratic East German government, he negotiated with the agreement of the contract. If so, the inner life of the Makes you can report, then, the 65-Year-old. A phrase such as “inside the Power” breathes, however, for a as de Maizière to the spirit of PR and political Gekungel. He describes his book simply as the “workshop report”. The was not “Essentially descriptive, evaluative”. So the self-information de Maizière.

And that is exactly this book, its main value: It shows precision and facts rich on how to Govern as a craft, as a hard work, works: the formation of a government coalition negotiations, the round front of the Cabinet, the tough struggle for majorities, the tedious negotiations with the countries. The CDU politician explained how it all goes, and he wants to advertise, he says it himself, “for the work of governance in Germany”. Since, in the judgment of the outside world, he’s angry often: “There is so much Derogatory about the governments, in Particular, and the policy to listen to the operation, in General, be it from ignorance, from arrogance, from aversion to the exercise of power as such, or from dissatisfaction with the results,” he writes.

is More than rings of Power

message: politics is more than just a mere struggle for Power and Positions, in politics especially iron discipline. He is of the opinion that in the political Orbit of Germany, the countries and their Prime Minister have too much Power and often over charge in Federal Affairs to interfere, shines through more than once. Since de Maizière, it leaves not in pure description, but give very good reviews. He calls for a major reform of the state, to bring more order and logic in the overall operation.

All that are disgusted when looking at politics sometimes, and the whole business as a mere struggle for influence and Power see provides de Maizière on the 256 pages of his book counter-arguments with plenty of material from the world of facts. Correct maybe: approximately 246 pages. Because de Maizière is one that is in the end not completely off in the circus of the vanities; he is only the all-too-panels, performances in this field.

a more Subtle Form of vanity?

An example: with Relish, de Maizière describes how the other possible coalition-in-law produced during the exploratory talks in the parliamentary society, and how the arrived in his known circle. “You’re not even on the balcony pictures. You’re not important at all?‘ The have told you.“ The other said: “thank God,you show yourself on the balcony. It’s embarrassing how all the produce.‘“ And de Maizière does not explain why he posed for the balcony scene: “I found the goon.” Since you could not come to the question of whether the explicit reference to a lack of desire to produce a Form of subtle vanity.

Sober him, but not insensitive. If today, the CDU member of Parliament Thomas de Maizière on Horst Seehofer’s Verbal attacks against the refugee policy of the last years writes, then it still sounds like him, the criticism of the former CSU Chairman must have taken. “When a Minister joins after long discussions a legal opinion and makes a decision that he thinks is lawful, which, in retrospect, but some people like it, then the allegation of a legal breach is ehrabschneidend.”

sense of honor of the parents house

With the word “ehrabschneidend” picks de Maizière, a formulation he is likely to have heard the son of the former inspector General of the Bundeswehr, in his parents ‘ house as a name for something deeply Reprehensible. He believes in honor, duty, loyalty, and hierarchies, which is not an end in itself, but in an orderly world in your mind. Since he’s taking time to note that the Chancellery of the Minister – in some years of the period in question so that he himself – and not the Foreign office, the government coordinating, for example, when it comes to developments in the EU.

And how was that Minister with him as an interior and his Boss in the hard time of the refugee policy? De Maizière reported from a Phase of doubts about his loyalty to be hanged, doubts as to whether he was possibly close to the Union camp, which evaluated the course of Angela Merkel with a critical eye. “As I was able to answer to myself and to this question the basic loyalty positive, we were able to all differences of opinion as before, and always full of trust, almost in friendship to discuss and solve.”

cohesion of the society as a goal

De Maizière is a man of duty. And sometimes the suspicion comes in the book, he also suffers a bit including that this type of gets into the General Public is often less attention than the type of “master of self-presentation”. He continues to be, as he emphasizes again and again, on policy, which is based on the common good, and hopes to have a Public that rewarded the. He rejects the staging is not all-round, staging for its own sake. The 65-Year-old puts on a society, We “think more” about “me.” “At the Moment, personal development and individualization may be chic,” he writes. “At duration, I am sure that the population of the cohesion of society higher rating and therefore confidence in the strength of the national parties.” Trust in political parties and trust in guys like him, it might be necessary to Supplement.

Thomas de Maizière: Rule. interiors of the policy. Herder. 256 pages. ISBN: 978-3-451-38329-8. 24 Euro. Now “Rule: interior views of the policy” of the “Thomas de Maizière

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