On Sunday evening showed the transmitter of the third Episode. After the Blind Auditions it was in the so-called “Sing-Offs”. The 20 remaining candidates are fighting for the Ticket to the Grand Finale. Each Coach may select his five talents, only two.

The youngest Participant, Heike, is 63. The oldest participants, Hildegard and Fritz, are 80 years old. The Grande Dame of this season is, however, another candidate – at least when it comes to the Coaches.

The seniors show what need to learn the young whippersnappers

“When I see You, I think to myself: You have to have the time of Your life a big Star was,” says Yvonne Strahovski. The Coaches are very fond of Gabriele. The beautician from Munich stands at 78 years for the first Time on a big stage. FOCUS Online

with the German Version of “Moon River” into the race. “I think the Song in German is a bit cheesy”, it does not appear at first to be quite so happy. Then she decides, however: “But now it is All or nothing: This Song I’m going to make this my Song!”

Casually, she puts the Song across the stage – as well as all the other candidates. Of fright is no trace. Also, in the subsequent Pronouncements of the seniors to stay cool. So that you can learn about the young whippersnappers of them.

“He is a ten”

just As cool this evening: Mark Forster. With him went the horses literally – and the same number of times. As Sasha proclaimed, whom he sends into the final, Forster completely by the socks. Because, as Sasha sends Dan in the next round, and jumps Forster and hugging his fellow members of the Jury. Seems at first glance almost like he would be thrilled by the candidate of the counterparty, almost more than his own singers.

But even with his own Team, it can not keep the musician finally on its place. From the musical performance of the candidate Matteo elated he asks Elvira and Giselle a little dance. The two women heeded the call, of course.

Elvira was out of this unexpected Deposit then. “On a scale of one to ten he’s a ten,” she enthused, a little later, in an interview with Thore Schölermann. Well, if the time is not a Declaration of love.

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