With his fifth world championship title is Lewis Hamilton to Michael Schumacher the second most successful formula 1 driver of the story. But the 34-Year-old in 2019 with Mercedes and the newly presented F1 W10 can make a further step in the direction of the record world champion? Or make him slow fatigue symptoms?

“I don’t have the feeling that in me the same fire burns”, surprised the Superstar who has turned off this Winter, according to information from racing completely. “It is a different fire. It develops further.” There is also a fireplace fire or a single flame was “in constant change and so it is with me every year”, he draws a comparison.

“I’m now the second oldest driver here, but I still feel young, am still fit and strong. And I still have it. I want to keep pushing,” the Mercedes driver in no doubt that he is highly motivated, 2019 against Sebastian Vettel #AND# co. to enforce.

What Hamilton 2019

“2018 was a great year, but I have the feeling that 2019 could be even better,” he sends a warning to his rivals. “It’s crazy that this is already my 13. Season, but I still have the Drive and the energy to get up. I would like to do things differently and better as a driver, but also as a human being.”

On the question of what to inspire him before the year 2019, he says: “of course I want to achieve even more, but I see it in a much larger context. What drives me? I want to ensure more diversity and a change – not only in my Sport but in the whole world,” he realized that his skin color plays a role, in terms of his ambitions.

“I would like to encourage people, especially young people. I want to encourage you, to dream of something Great and to put this truly in the world. And I want to show that I do in my world. In my case, the Championships and working with large Teams and of the profit of the world.”

Hamilton’s unusual break

His batteries after a “slightly different winter break” as in the past years, seemingly full again. How he got the Winter without formula 1 spent? “I tried to take a Social Media break, I’ve taken time for myself and me. The Team has given me a whole month to enjoy this time.”

Hamilton says of Surf experiences with Superstar Kelly Slater, from skiing, from the Extension on the snow mobile and the license to the parachute he had made. Doesn’t sound like it, as Hamilton would be located on the rotten skin. “I have trained well”, he his rival.

This article was written by Sven Haidinger

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