It had been throughout the past year, two applications for freight trains on the core piece, which were cancelled by the railway company, however, shall transport state Secretary, Enak Ferlemann, in a response to a small request of the Greens.

The Federal government had raised other hopes. We assume that on the new ICE track on a daily basis-line with 20 pairs of runs, and approximately 70 freight trains, in each direction, left the government in 2010, officially know.

Because there are only a few overtaking opportunities, route freight trains only at night

From the response, what is the Problem. For heavy freight trains, the line is not interpreted at all. In order to save costs, were planned in several Signal gradients of almost two percent. Therefore, are now allowed to drive on the track only for freight trains, the maximum load at a maximum of 1200 tons. Heavier trains could not approach on their own power to signal otherwise. However, the transport of goods, the rule. The high route prices on the new route would be expected otherwise.

is preparing to ban the transport of goods, but also the so-called Encounter. From the up to 300 kilometers per hour, fast ICE may not drive in a Tunnel at a freight train passing. Because there are few overtaking opportunities, the track with freight trains really only at night. In addition, the trains must be fitted on the track with the electronic and expensive train control system ETCS.

The passenger figures for passenger traffic will increase meanwhile. According to the latest information the government’s 4.9 million passengers in the past year on the ten billion dollar range. The are 2.5 million more than on the old Route.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit residents after fatal S-Bahn-the case shocked ak


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