Whether Valentine’s day or a five-year-old – is asked to visit in these cases is often of a slightly thicker wallet with expensive restaurant, or stay in a Wellness temple. Finally, we would like to offer the loved one a Surprise of the extra class. And ordered today, of course, mobile, posted, or designed. Too bad, when everything comes prematurely to the light, because the Partner has access to the Smartphone.

The end of the Surprise-culture

One of Kaspersky Lab’s study shows, what are the consequences of the digitalization of everyday life has on partnerships. The result: Too much proximity does not only mean the end of the Surprise-culture, but can also be the end of the relationship. The Person

Marco Preuss was appointed in March 2013 to the Director of Europe Global Research & Analysis Team of Kaspersky Lab. Prior to that, he led the Global Research & Analysis Team in Germany.

Especially if this is on the rocks anyway. Then each third is afraid of his digital being spied on. The reality is even bitter, because in fact, every Second attacks to this method, if the relationship is faltering. In an intact relationship with each third being spied on after all the others. However, make it a Partner also fairly easy. Thus, each of the second Pair shares with each other’s Pins and passwords. And in the case of each of the third Pair of the own fingerprint in the Smartphone of the partner is stored.

To a lack of privacy, the togetherness

For the relationship is detrimental to the is more challenging than promoting. One of the partners airs namely, intentionally or unintentionally, the small mystery of the other, it results in one of three cases to the dispute. Especially apply to protect the value of personal messages and files, or web pages visited. The expenditures include many of those data that should stay secret. Here, the Digital-to-Newsletter

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If out of burning love, everyday life and the relationship is on the rocks, set the Partner a higher value on your privacy: 76 instead of 54 percent of respondents want more freedom. Therefore, it is just in a still-intact partnership is so important to treat yourself from the beginning in the digital everyday life of small freedoms. An open conversation can provide clarity about where, in individual cases, the limits of privacy.

Who shares a lot of lives even more dangerous. Passwords of shared Accounts here are just an example. Just you need to be especially secure. For this password managers are useful, for example. This will help to find a complex number and letter combinations, and save these in a safe place.

Digital assistant

Advanced security solutions can be even more. You ensure that deleted files can restore messages as well as calls on an Android Smartphone or calls to any of the sites leave Windows with no trace. The long-planned Surprise no longer comes by unwanted advertising prematurely to light.

So couples win more digital freedom, strengthen your relationship, and have also driven a Plus of protection against Cyber.

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