For more than 50 years, Dinner for One is here to stay “rooms” on new year’s eve from the German residential. The 18-minute Sketch in black-and-white the story of the senile Aristocrat Miss Sophie (May Warden), on the occasion of your 90 told. Birthday a dinner party.

Imaginary guests, and a fall of drunken Butler: “The 90. Birthday”

However, it is a “Dinner for One”, since Miss Sophie’s friends are already deceased for years. To the chagrin of her Butler James (Freddie Frinton), Miss Sophie, however, is not willing to put up with this fact, accept.

not to upset the lady of the house, slips James into the roles of the four imaginary guests – and must – drink for any of you to Miss Sophie’s- until he stumbles, finally, drunk on the tiger’s head. Reuters/Annemarie Aldag/NDR Freddie Frinton as a servant, James. (Recording from the 08.03.1963).

“Dinner for One”: send dates on 31.12.2018 Overview:

In Norway, Dinner for One, “the Christmas program”. 23. December is flickering, there is the Sketch about the screens. In Germany, the third programmes of the ARD show “90. Birthday” by Miss Sophie with her Butler James. Also in Switzerland and in Austria, Dinner for One, “” at 31. December shown.

The broadcast dates in the German-speaking area on new year’s eve:

  • 10.30 PM, RBB
  • 15.35 am, NDR
  • 15: 40, The First
  • 17.05, NDR
  • 18.00, WDR
  • 18.06 PM, RBB
  • 18.45 PM, BR
  • 19.00 PM, MDR
  • 19.10 Uhr, SRF 1 (Switzerland)
  • 19.10 PM, HR
  • 19.25 Uhr, SWR
  • 19.40, NDR
  • 19.50, 3+ (Switzerland)
  • 23.20 at, ORF eins (Austria)
  • 23.35 PM, NDR

As you can see the new year’s eve classic in the Live-Stream:

  • The First Live Stream
  • RBB: Live-Stream
  • NDR Live Stream
  • WDR: Live-Stream
  • BR: Live Stream
  • MDR: Live-Stream
  • HR: Live-Stream
  • SWR: Live-Stream

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sio/mja Dinner for One


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