hagebau market grants to new year’s eve fireworks off the shelves and garners applause on the net:

Shortly before new year’s eve, the discussion on the private use of fireworks is raging again bodies in Germany. A General prohibition of fireworks in German inner cities. In the middle Franconian town of Fürth, it has been decided, for example, this year, a “protection zone” in the downtown set up, in the not geböllert. In addition to the protection of historic buildings, in particular the protection of citizens is in the foreground of the action.

The chief physician of the Charité hospital in Berlin has spoken out against fireworks, and a ban is required: The “street fight” should be prevented. He also warns of the high risk of injury due to the pyrotechnics. A ban had brought the “Deutsche umwelthilfe” into the conversation: “We want a shift in the fireworks activities out of the city centre,” said Jürgen Resch, managing Director of the environmental assistance to the German press Agency.

In the Scandinavian in Sweden it is fire to new year’s eve 2019 is a new scheme that allows only particular persons, classic rocket. This is the Svenska reported Dabladet.

hagebau market is responding: This year no fireworks at the hardware store

In the Rhein-Langenfeld (district of Mettmann), mixed with a DIY in the discussions: , The resident “Hagebaumarkt” is throwing in this year, the fireworks from the range. The hardware store waived in 2018 on the sale of pyrotechnics. This is the market informed via Facebook. The Post echoed.

What to notice: Of “Hagebaumarkt” justified the decision, unlike the “Deutsche umwelthilfe” or the city of Fürth. To waivers “for the first time on the sale of fireworks – for the love of animals,” it said in a Facebook Post. Hundreds of users commented on the Post. Many left a “Like” to signal that you this decision. In the opinion of critical comments appeared, however, that were clearly in the minority. Even the animal protection organization “Peta” commented sympathetically.

Rewe as a pioneer: “donations instead of firecrackers” is PR success

has launched A “Rewe” from Adenau (Rhineland-Palatinate), a similar action against the purchase of firecrackers or fireworks. Under the Motto “donations instead of firecrackers” and called on the supermarket to waive the purchase of fireworks. The action of the market at the Nürburgring calls to buy pet food instead of firecrackers and missiles: “for the Benefit of nature, and out of consideration for the animals” waivers of the Rewe market on the sale of fireworks. Donation boxes were placed in the market of the Rewe itself, in addition to 1000 euros to the Eifelhof Frankenau, to donate to a local animal protection Association.

How is the buying behavior of the Germans so shortly before new year’s eve as a result of such PR-actions is influenced, is unclear. However, there is a Trend: As the “Federal Statistical office” on Friday (28. December 2018) in the ice, fell in the Federal Republic of Germany introduced amount of fireworks for the new year 2017/2018, which is 2.1 per cent to 42.800 tons.

prohibition of lead casting: Since 2018, the pouring of lead is forbidden – but why?

fireworks will be discussed a ban, for the pouring of lead, one already exists: From 2018, there is an EU ban for the pouring of lead – the new year’s eve tradition is to be abolished. Behind the regulation, the following: lead casting, this Tradition has been banned since 2018 – and rightly so

prohibited In the FOCUS-Online/Glomex pouring of lead: Why you are the wax-Alternative

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