It is

Milbona Gouda cheese, young, grated, at least 7 weeks aged, 250g

expiration date: 21.04.2019

mark: NL Z 0507 i EC

ticket numbers: 834799538051020190121 and 834799538051021190121

Because of possible foreign parts: cheese at Lidl called back photo-source: Delica thousand Wizelife

customers should be aware of according to the manufacturer’s information for the “recall and the product do not consume”.

sales in the three Federal States of

The affected product was sold in Lidl Germany, in the following provinces:

  • North Rhine-Westphalia
  • lower Saxony
  • Rhineland-Palatinate

The Discounter has taken the Gouda with the respective expiry dates and lot numbers according to the information provided already from the sale. The product can be returned in all Lidl stores. “The purchase price will of course be refunded, without presenting a receipt”, the company said.

Other at Lidl Germany products sold by Delica thousand and grated cheese other manufacturers were not affected by the recall.

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*The contribution of “Lidl recalls popular cheese-strain – injury due to a foreign body” comes from Wizelife. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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