In the city of Stuttgart has already received 3663 requests for exemptions from the Diesel-driving bans. More than 1500 requests have already been processed, approximately 47 percent were approved, as a city spokeswoman announced on Wednesday. Of the city that are affected by the Tuesday of the restrictions of 72,000 cars in Stuttgart and the surrounding area. “Approximately 10 percent of which could be eligible for exemptions in question,” said the spokeswoman. The permits there are, for example, for social and nursing services, or trips with campers; however, you must demonstrate in its input to the administration that the travel is for leisure purposes. Commuters also can be excluded under certain conditions.

Diesel-driving bans: exceptions for mobile homes

Since the beginning of the year is no longer allowed to drive a Diesel engine, the emission standard 4 and older in the Stuttgart environmental zone. Residents have up to 1. April is a transitional period. After that, your Diesel is prohibited. All the others are not admonished for violations, a penalty is still due; however, it will cost starting in February, 80 euros if you get caught with an illegal Diesel car. For the course of the year, also bans for Euro 5 are not from the city Diesel is planned, unless the advanced air sufficient quality plan. These prohibitions are controversial, both in their effectiveness as well as in their justification .

These exceptions are always

Generally are exempt from the prohibition, among other things:

  • commercial transport
  • the police
  • I get the fire
  • emergency service
  • people with certain disabilities
  • medical emergencies

As an exemption?

For all the other car owners who wish to apply for exemptions, according to the city the following:

  • by E-Mail to
  • by phone at 0711/216-32120
  • Post it to the office for public order, Jägerstraße 14, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany

in Addition, the application can also be done online (external Link to the application form). It is recommended for motorists to make the most of this Application and to request the administration to appropriate information. A prerequisite to the granting of a exception of three things:

  • The vehicle has a green Pollutant label (i.e. it has at least the emission standard Euro 4)
  • It may, for the purpose of no alternative vehicle
  • The vehicle will be taken for the exemption in a claim are available before the 01.01.2019 to the holder

approved, These exceptions are for private people possible

When you request, you must specify your contact information, as well as the license plate and the vehicle identification number of your car. In addition, you need to keep your vehicle registration certificate and, if applicable, a letter from your employer ready. Exceptions are possible for the following cases:

  • journeys with caravans to holiday purposes
  • Necessary regular visits to the doctor, for example, dialysis patients, etc., unable to switch to public transport
  • journeys of the layer bar, can’t switch to public transport

What do I do, if the exception is denied?

In this case, you should appeal, and if necessary, consult a lawyer. The authority must consider each application scrupulously and any refusal will be justified.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex Auto expert shows with a Christmas tree-comparison of the absurdity of the Diesel-Chaos sv/dpa Diesel ban exemption Stuttgart


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