two wheels are not able to commonly fly. At least one completed but for many years, a flight that appears to be endless. The Vespa GTS 300, the most powerful of all the wasps, increases your popularity, quite obviously, from year to year. Cheered by the Piaggio group in 2013 about the “highest in Germany achieved sales,” the former number of well-2.600 vehicles nowadays hardly more than a shrug of the shoulders to be Not less than 5,700 GTS 300 were sold in 2018 in Germany! And, although it was leaked that it will be 2019, a new Vespa. The is now available, and there is little prophetic gift to your continued success to predict.

New Vespa: differences can be seen only at second glance,

if you Look at “the New” for the first Time, there needs to be a extremely trained Vespa’s eye to spot the differences at first glance. For example, the line, the appearance of the Vespa GTS, has remained the same. Fortunately, say the lovers of the mother of all scooters. However, in Details of care and sophistication of the Vespa show-Designer in dealing with this Scooter icon: The lateral radiator grilles with a quality honeycomb pattern, the “a tie is now” on the outer side of the leg shield has become a little broader and more concise. Also the rear light, as the fuels continue to circle round headlight from LEDs, is even fancier than when not unhübschen model. Piaggio The solid news you do not see the Vespa GTS 300 at all, hide yourself under the sheet

The solid news you can see the Vespa GTS 300 at all, hide yourself under the sheet. The 278 cubic centimeter single cylinder engine and a variety of Changes has been given in order to make it both more efficient as well as smoother and incorporate cleaner. He now bears the acronym hpe for “High Performance Engine”.

more power, More torque

the cylinder head has been redesigned, which makes a significant increase in the speed levels is possible: Provided that the previous engine with 16 kW/21.5 HP at only 7,500 in the crank shaft turns, and swings the new engine to just under 17.5 kW/24 PS/ 8,250 rpm. on. After all, 12 per cent more power. Even 18 percent of the maximum torque is increased from 22.3 to 26 Nm.

FOCUS Online/Wochit 100 km range: this is the first electric Vespa

moves Because of the stepless variator has been revised, the Vespa GTS 300 for the build year of 2019, once again, a whole piece of fine driving: the vibrations are hardly noticeable, the inaugural is spontaneous, the Motor turns much easier and speeds up the 160-kilogram Vespa – felt-at least – faster, even if the maximum speed is only increased by two to 120 km/h. On the 2020, coming into force next Euro 5 emission standard, the new engine is prepared for work, of course. fbn/SP-X, The easy mastery of the latest Vespa-pad is not different from the previous model

the new Vespa GTS 300 weighs a kg less than the predecessor, is not a consequence of expensive lightweight construction. The developers have reduced the size of the Tank is 8.5 litres and also the tool is two parts is reduced. Did nothing in the consciousness, “that to a Vespa already broken”. Well… at Least there’s still the strut adjustment necessary hook wrench, and a gripper, to be able to diagnose a blown fuse in the glove compartment easily accessible fuse holder to remove. Below is a useful USB socket, so that Smartphones can be kept in a good mood. The driver or the driver will lose their good mood on the go: The Seating position, the seat comfort and the operation of the latest Vespa are well managed.

the suspension not only satisfactory, pad is not different from the previous model, also the driving behaviour is the same: The suspension no longer responds to bad lines only satisfactory, because the 12 inch wheels and limited suspension travel allow for comfort. But driving stability is not affected. Even curved routes can quickly be to fast to complete, unless the driver is acting confidently. The brake – there are the front and rear of each brake disc is defensively designed, requires for strong Delay, so more use of force than the two fingers. In this respect, the control range of the ABS is not so easily accessible. The anti slip regulation ASR, in each of the 300 series, another the security detail, which receives its activity, however, only with very low Grip.

Five versions manufacturer Piaggio, the new Vespa GTS 300. For 6,290 thousand euros, besides the basic version, the optically slightly modified “Super”, of which the salient feature is the red spring on the front wheel. 100 € more for the colored occurring “Supersport costs” as well as “Touring”; the latter has Useful, namely a Plexi wind shield, and a chrome-plated rear Luggage carrier. The still at pre-standard, Front Luggage carrier, the Controller has collected. Furthermore, it will be later in the spring, the additional “Super-Tech” with “Vespa Mia,” a colored TFT Cockpit with Connectivity functions. The price is not yet known.

Technical data-Vespa GTS 300 hpe

engine: water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine 278 CC engine, four valves per cylinder, 17.5 kW/23,8 HP at 8.250/min., 26 Nm at 5250 U/min.; Injection, centrifugal clutch, CVT variator, anti-slip regulation

suspension: self-supporting steel sheet body; solid front wheel, swingarm with Mono shock, two spring legs (preload, 4-gang adjustable) rear; cast aluminum wheels; tire 120/70-12 (front) and 130/70-12 (rear). 22 cm single-disc brake, front, bottom rear, ABS

dimensions and weight: wheelbase 1,375 m, seat height 79 cm, weight ready to ride 160 kg, load 180 kg; consumption of lt. WMTC cycle and 3.2 l/100 km, fuel tank capacity 8,5 l. top-120 km/h

price: from 6,290 thousand euros,

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sv/SP-X, Vespa GTS armpit impression of Germany back twitching Piaggio gift scooter VARIOMATIC LEDs light work of single-cylinder cylinder head exhaust emission norm speed engine exterior suspension traction control system, seat comfort glove compartment


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