The test results should be available in the evening, and then fixed, whether it was in fact the highly contagious Virus disease, the statement said. There are also other diseases could come in question.

No Details about Ebola-sick

The authorities were open in the first place, whether it is in the case of suspicion to a man or a woman and where the Person infected could have. According to your information she was treated initially in a hospital in the nearby town of Enköping. The emergency room was closed accordingly. The staff that came in contact with the one or more of the Affected, will be monitored.

The East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is affected for months by a Ebola outbreak, so far, more than 360 people died. The Virus disease is often fatal. It is through direct contact with body fluids of an Infected transmitted.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex, The tension of the skin it reveals til/afp


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