“eight years Ago, we have to brake a debt to the basic law. When it comes to me, we will write in the next few years, the rate for social charges in the basic law.” So could not be ensured that the performance of Germany as a business location will be undermined.

The proportion of social insurance, the employer and the employee pay half each, currently amounts to 39.7 per cent from the gross wage.

“I think it’s a limit,” said the Minister of economy, the “star”. “It is exceeded, jobs are lost because less is invested, or because it’s not worthwhile to replace people with machines.”

“it’s Almost a fate question,”

Insistently Altmaier warned that Germany could miss the connection in the digitization. “We have far too little specialists in artificial intelligence, software development, biotechnology,” said the former Chancellery chief. He does not think that full employment in Germany is possible, Altmaier to the star, “but only if the new Jobs of the robotics and the platforms”. At the same time, the economy criticized the Minister that many of the infrastructure projects from the Berlin airport to the high-speed Internet “on the ropes”. This was “not a glorious Chapter for the fourth largest economy in the world. The mobile network needs to be better.”

“it’s Almost a fate question,” not calling it the CDU-politicians, that the German automotive industry is missing out on the Trend toward the self-driving car. Germany had suffered in the ‘ 70s, “a massive loss of Competence in consumer electronics and computers,” says Altmaier. “This must not happen in the automotive industry. Otherwise, it looks for the future, little rosy.” It is also the last understand had to “that in the automotive industry, the digitization is no way around it. China and Google have understood that.”

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit “not gonna make it”: Minister of the environment reveals its own impotence in the case of Lanz cvh


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