A Kiel-top driving, this sailing boat was found on new year’s eve off the coast of Kangaroo Island North-West of Adelaide. The still in striking Orange beam at the end of the Yacht has now been identified as the “Wild Eyes”.

The GRP boat drifted for eight years in the Indian ocean. Skipper the 16-year-old Abby Sunderland was. The South Australian police reported today.

The ship was spotted on Monday around eleven miles to the South of Vivonne Bay in the Gulf of Adelaide around noon from the air. Actually, the plane crew held on to of Tuna, look out. The wreck of the Wild Eyes of 16-year-old sailor Abby Sunderland was after eight years of © South Australian Police float found for the investigation of skillful police helicopter got support from two fishing boats that were in the area.

half-way to Africa

Abby Sunderland entmastet was on the “Wild Eyes,” eight years ago, on 10. June 2010, in the midst of the Indian ocean during a circumnavigation of the world in distress. The 16-year-old American was lost half-way between the West coast of Australia and Africa, when their ship the Mast.

after two days, the crew of a French fishing boat rescued the young solo sailor. There followed great public debate, who have to pay the cost of the rescue operation.

The teenager had originally planned to sail as the youngest person alone to the world. This project, Abby was already at the beginning, as you had to take for repairs on your boat to a stop.

As a Sunderland on 31. March circumambulated 2010 Cape horn, she was the youngest solo sailor, the did this ever. Her brother Zac Sunderland was the first minors that ended in a circumnavigation of the World.

The journey of 16-year-old sailor Abby Sunderland in 2010 © Wiki Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0) float

What are the universe of the scrap of disused satellites for the world’s oceans, wrecks of boats route. After accidents leave, driving many of them adrift on the high seas. So how Container, go in a storm on Board, vulnerable to large debris as Unidentified Floating Objects, in short UFOs, the ship traffic.

finally, the boats of the Golden Globe Race sailors Abhilash Tommy and Susie Goodall in the Southern Ocean manoeuvring had been left behind unable. No one knows if, when, and by whom the boats are salvaged.

This article was written by Stefan Gerhard

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