Long celebrations Markus eisenbichler could not his podium finish at the opening round of the four-hills-tournament. After the new German tour hopefuls had enjoyed the ceremony and the media-Marathon, it went right in the car to the new team headquarters to Seefeld. Already on Monday for the Oberstdorf-Second in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the next big test on the program. “Garmisch, I may extremely happy,” said the 27-Year-old prior to qualification on new year’s eve.

Schuster: “It is still too early to say: hurray, we are the Best”

“Garmisch, a flyer is a hill, it is higher in the air, and Markus is our best pilot,” said national coach Werner Schuster. “The way he jumps now, he has a good chance, that he makes a good Competition.” After the dream start, at the equivalent of less than 25 centimetres of the winner and the previous season-high Flyer Ryoyu Kobayashi from Japan, managed to iron Bichler something he had done before so often: He transferred his strong training performance in the Competition.

“gives him power, as a matter of course, come in,” Schuster said after the biggest career-success to the Victory dorfer’s. “He has created the condition in a Flow to get in.” Schuster stressed, however: “It is still too early to say: Holladrio, hurray, we are the Best.”

Whether you dream of iron Bichler’s more, the new year

jump How much he has, showed the results of some of his Top divers. As the second-best DSV-Adler Karl Geiger flew on twelve, Stephan Leyhe landed a space behind it. Olympic winner Andreas Wellinger and Severin Freund had failed on Sunday, however, surprisingly in the first round and in the tour standings, have fallen back to far.

“It was clear that dreams are burst,” Schuster said. “Andi Wellingers dream is burst. He had big dreams, the jumping never.” If the dream of iron Bichler’s more, the new year’s jump.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex, The chronology since the Ski accident in the year 2013, ak/dpa


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