The current customers of the Bavarian energy supply company (BEV) is about in particular are asked strongly to the checkout. For example, the base price will be doubled in the blink of an eye.


increases in mid-December, a client of BEV received a Letter. In 2019, the price per kilowatt-hour of electricity for him 25,22 Cent rise on 29,67 Cent – nearly 18 percent more. The base price increases even more than 107% from 27,21 Euro on 56,34 euros.

The statement: “The costs for energy supply companies, such as, for example, the wholesale energy prices and usage fees are constantly changing.” FOCUS Online

electricity-the base price more than tenfold

The complaints about the BEV are piling up – particularly in relation to the basic price. According to the Verbraucherzentrale NRW, a customer instead of 15,68 Euro to pay in the future 51,10 Euro – more than three times.

The consumers Central Rhineland-Palatinate is a Writing that provides for an increase in the share price, from four to 42 Euro – to 10.5-Fold.

According to the Udo Sieverding, head of energy at the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-increases in Westphalia such a price, although of concern but, nevertheless, allowed: “price increases ordinary market events. Legally, a doubling of the price is not prohibited.“ PDF power to save 1390 Euro to save Our PDF guide shows you how you can identify the power guzzlers in the household and a total of 1390 euros can save.To the PDF guide

bonuses and credits not disbursed

The complaints go further. Not only price increases, a common complaint, according to Sieverding reason. Often, customers of the BEV also complain of not bonuses paid .

The perfidious: was one of The BEV once the electricity providers with the best rates and was able to attract so many customers. With new customer bonuses they wanted to move indecisive customer at the conclusion of the contract.

lock deals are not worth

For the current provider of these kind of lock services are worth offering, however. Profitable business is only the first price increase, usually after twelve months. Then, many customers have switched already to the next cheapest provider.

The current vendors have this Trick out on the road now. So you deny, for example, the bonus payout and refer to appropriate clauses of the contract.

how to fight

Who is affected should check the payment conditions in the contract carefully. You have fulfilled this, and yet no payment received, you should turn to the legal experts. Money save power with FOCUS Online Now prices

compare As many of the Central complaints of go if the consumer is not out of balance a paid. Energy suppliers must pay a contractually assured credit, either immediately or at the latest, with the next payment invoice. For this purpose, there was even a judgment of the higher regional court of Düsseldorf.

special termination right

For the price of a consumer increases have a statutory special right of termination in accordance with Paragraph 41 paragraph 3 of the energy industry act. This means that you can then terminate, with immediate effect, regardless of how long the contract runs.

In the choice of the appropriate new tariff portals help . Who doesn’t want to worry about the exchange, may appoint a so-called collective optimizer . Your advantage: you can automatically check whether a change of tariff Savings can be achieved and from the filter, from the outset, rogue providers.

comparison portals have BEV delisted

Thus, in the case of the BEV. On the Internet, many negative reviews and comments from disgruntled BEV customers. For the energy suppliers of the consequences. “The comparison portal Verivox has lists the BEV out,” said Sieverding. About Check24 consumers can complete currently doesn’t have a current contract with the BEV.

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