“dad, I love you,” said the little Boy. Then he gave his father two more kisses, and died. The told his father, Steven Jean-Pierre, the “New York Post”.

As the newspaper reported, went the father with his son to his mother, to celebrate together the beginning of the new year. As you entered the apartment of the grandmother, have this prepared just a cod – disastrous for her grandson. Because of the small Camron was suffering from a fish Allergy. The fumes would have overcome the Eleven-year-old, and he had become unconscious. “Normally, he reacts not so strong”, – quotes the “New York Post” the father.

“My son is the best”

The father had encouraged his son, then an inhaler, but that didn’t help. was So he chose the emergency and tried to Camron revive. Even before the paramedics arrived, the Boy had come once and briefly. He died told his father that he loves him and is then on the consequences of the fish smell.

“My son was the best,” says Steven Jear-Pierre about Camron, “He made everyone around him happy. He made his dad happy.“ On the website “Gofundme” gathers the father for donations for the funeral of his son.

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