residents in the Fink road with shared on Sunday night at about 23.15 PM, by emergency call of a badly injured man. According to police findings, a 24-year-old suspect stabbed with a knife on his victim and injured this severely. The criminal investigations Erding backgrounds and the subject position of the fact to take. The victim, a 48-year-old Chinese national, is still receiving medical treatment in the hospital and the investigating officials of the police was able to Erding will not be heard yet of the incident. In the course of questioning of the accused the 24-Year-old, this was given to the detectives, during the period of its escape from the crime scene in the Fink road up to the arrest in the area of the Ismaninger street, approached two young girls and to have cigarette asked. Appeal for witnesses:The criminal investigation Erding is asking witnesses, in the night from Sunday (30.12.18) on Monday, during the time from 23.00 to 23.45, observations could be in connection with the incident described, have made. In particular, the two girls were asked by the 24-Year-olds after the fact in order to cigarettes, are called upon to sign as a witness to the police.

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Bayer. State Ministry of the interior


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