for The first Time in 2019, will jackpot the Euro winning numbers are drawn – and, as usual, at 21 o’clock German time in Helsinki, Finland.

Latest winning numbers from the Friday, may 4. January 2019:

winning numbers 5 out of 50:

Euro will be determined to pay 2 out of 10:

(information is without guarantee, source: Stand: 4. January 2019)

a record number of millionaires in Euro jackpot in 2018

Overall, produced the lottery Euro jackpot in 2018, an impressive 90 of New millionaires. These are gained in the average of 1.7 participants per week, the one Million Euro or more.

The Jackpot in the top ranking position could be made ten Times out of a total of 17 players, which have been characterized to be Multi-millionaires. The remaining 73 millionaires all won in the winning class 2. A two-digit million amount recorded in the year 2018, a 15-game participants.

“the Euro jackpot can look back on a quite extraordinary jackpot of the year with great records”, commented Andreas Kötter, managing Director of WestLotto, and at the same time Chairman of the Euro jackpot-cooperation. “Never before there were 90 New millionaires in a year. Thus, the eurojackpot has brought, since the Start of the lottery in the year 2012, a total of 205 millionaires.” (Date: 31.12.2018)

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The biggest jackpot win of the year in February 2018 to Finland. A game community has received 90 million euros. That was a national record – never before had there been in Finland, such a high lottery prize.

The highest German million-profit for the year, dates back to July of 2018. After a jackpot phase of 15 draws in a row, seven draws long with the maximum amount of 90 million Euro, shared by two German game participants from Hessen and Saxony-Anhalt to the Jackpot and each received 45 million euros.

the Background to the Euro jackpot: Five out of 50 and two out of ten Numbers

unlike the German tradition game Lotto 6 49 can play in Euro jackpot players from 16 European countries . To win the Jackpot, you need to 5 out of 50 and 2 out of 10 Numbers be correctly typed. The statistical probability to create this, according to West Lotto 1 to 95 million for the second prize tier at around 1 to 6 million. The record win for a German Tipper so far is 58.7 million euros (December 2014; Hesse).

EuroJackpot is a relatively new lottery, and promises to be warm Euro-rain: ten million each week, up to a maximum of 90 million . to 16 European countries , including Germany, to offer a Lotto set, with much higher chances of winning, a weekly guaranteed jackpot of ten million euros and a Jackpot of 90 million, attracts twice as much as the highest payout of the “6 from 49”.


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The Euro jackpot winners waving to a maximum of 90 million Euro

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  • Play responsibly
  • DLTB-telephone counselling for gambling addiction in cooperation with the BZgA // Tel: 0800/1372700 (free and anonymous)
  • Federal centre for health education, you Use your Chance with the Euro jackpot – until Friday, 18.25 hrs (display) 90 million euros in the Jackpot. Play now!

The player crosses per box, five out of 50 Numbers and two out of ten Numbers, for a total of seven Numbers . A game costs two Euro, plus the processing fee. Who has all seven Numbers correctly, they can expect the jackpot. In twelve income classes even more smaller profits-but as in the eight in the classic Lotto.

The draws of the Lotto every Friday to find numbers in Finland and will be broadcast live on television. The Live-tracking for the Eurojackpot draw, but unfortunately is not possible. Neither on TV nor on the Internet Streaming of the draw will be held. Screenshot/

The Numbers are the odds of winning the Euro jackpot

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So that all players can even check that in the case of the draw, everything takes its usual and lawful course, is shortly after the draw, published a short Video of the Euro jackpot draw. The drawing can be viewed in retrospect in the case of “Youtube”. In Helsinki at 19 o’clock local time every Friday will be drawn the Pay for luck. Taking into account the time zones, the Euro-Jackpot-draw-at 21 o’clock German time. Take your Chance at the jackpot until Friday, 18.25 hrs (display) 90 million euros in the Jackpot. Play now!

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