Long, the world title fight in the formula-1-season 2018 between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel was balanced right. However, the German made a few mistakes that cost him and Ferrari the title. As a great turning point of the accident, Vettel is in Hockenheim, where he crashed into the lead in the Motodrom in the wall. According to Ex-Ferrari test driver Luciano Burti, Ferrari would have had to have the Ex-champion of the world, the burden of the shoulders.

“It was just a small mistake and happen,” says Burti to ‘Motorsport-Total.com’. “He had bad luck, because it just happened at the wrong time. This error had then, but big consequences.” Someone like Jean Todt would have given Vettel afterwards, “good Feedback,” Burti sure. According to the Brazilian, the Ferrari felt the driver after the incident, “left alone”.

“once the pressure is there and a racer say to yourself that he must make no mistake, he’s doing what,” says the 43-Year-old. “This is what happened in my opinion.” Vettel is a former formula 1 world champion but also “only human”, which is why errors are completely normal. He had been alone, and people like Todt should have been able to make the difference, is part of secure.

“Someone like him had managed to steer him back on the right track,” he says. “It is not normal that a four-time world champion makes so many mistakes.” Some of these errors were even “stupid,” analyzes the Brazilian. He says: “Perhaps Ferrari is currently working on a guide that was there, as Todt had the reins in Hand.” About Maurizio Arrivabene Burti says that he is not a good leader, because he “was not sympathetic and very distant”.

This article was written by Edd Straw, Co-author: Andre Wiegold

*The post “Ex-Ferrari driver: Team would have had to take pressure from Vettel” comes from Motorsport-Total.com. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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