“have annoyed Me many things: The selfishness in the business – it goes in many Clubs focus on Power, Status and not the real thing, so what’s for the team’s success. And at all levels,“ said the 32-Year-old in an Interview with the football Portal sports buzzer.

“How is there supposed to be a development?”

The former player of Hannover 96, Eintracht Frankfurt, SC Freiburg and Darmstadt 98 also believes to know the reason for this States: “There is also the extreme plays fast pace of the business, from the short public review period results and the partial surrender of the clubs to live up to. How is there supposed to be a proper development?“

With a distance Rosenthal, the Bundesliga business extremely critically: “the TV Interviews are almost all the same, this reflects the whole sham of the industry. A lot of facade, little of the content. Of course you can generalize, but in many places the own world is excessive.“


is as: “Since I am also the same way. Not least in all the political questions today, I realize in hindsight, as I was almost to ridicule. You think you would be, otherwise, how important this impression is imparted to a layer of permanently from the outside, but in fact, this is nonsense.“

the representation of the clubs and the professionals in the social networks may be said to Rosenthal, nothing more: “It’s not like me, the results of your clubs are interested in. But if your Instagram Timeline only to your football colleagues recorded, it will quickly become boring: A picture before the game, We come to the same warm-up`, then a photo after the game with a vague conclusion such as head high, next game, three points`. The offers nothing to me – because most of what could be in Statements interesting, is not only out, but out of the Clubs ironed out, or deliberately omitted, because it could be the club or a self in any Form of damage.“

Rosenthal: It should not be given be creative

Also in this case, he holds back with self-criticism: “at the time I posted something or record TV Interviews. However, I have increasingly checked, how dull it is.“

As a professional, you cannot but must not be otherwise: “Often you are so creative. Because if you exciting or seemingly extravagant things out of the post, you will be hewn out of the very quickly to the ears, because it pulls you in certain clichés, and then your performance will not be projected, especially if it runs in the Association.“



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