So he was contradictory to the representation of the President. Benalla gave to his Version of the saved messages on his phone prove. France’s government dismissed the Remarks outraged and accused Benalla the lie.

Benalla had after an alleged beating attack on demonstrators in Paris on 1. May his Post is lost. Macron stated that he had had since July to Benalla. This said now, but in the Interview, he had exchanged after July about “several issues” with a Macron, for example, over the protests of the “yellow West” or security questions.

“It will be very hard to deny that, because the whole exchange is on my phone,” said the 27-year-old former bouncer, who had been working on it for 2016 in the fight, Macron and as of may 2017 security coordinator at the Elysee Palace.

presentations were “wrong” and “invented”

“Mediapart” recently reported that Benalla worthy also after his release, in a legally questionable way diplomats have to keep passports. The former Macron-Familiar had traveled to such as Africa.

According to Benallas representation of the contacts to the Macron to these revelations of the “media part lasted”. “Then the connection was cut,” said Benalla.

The French foreign Ministry rejected Benallas presentations on Monday as “false” and “invented”. There had been “no benefits” for Benalla, and there have been several Attempts had been made, the diplomatic passports to reclaim.

A spokesman for the Elysée Palace, to be referred to Benallas information as a “bundle of untruths and inaccuracies”. By his allegations the former President of employees wanted to take revenge “for his dismissal”.

Additional charge

The Paris Prosecutor’s office had launched on Saturday initial investigations against Benalla for embezzlement. The investigation therefore relate to the allegation of the improper using of an ID card.

Benalla is also suspected to have in his travels, seem to continue to function as a high-ranking French civil servant. He had met with the Chadian head of state Idriss Déby, and the President of the Republic of the Congo, Denis Sassou Nguesso,.

Benalla said in the “media part”-Interview, he was informed by Macron and its environment is always about his business ventures. He had shown, whom he met and what he had learned at the Meetings. The President, he had informed “directly”. The Elysée Palace had said on Tuesday that Benalla had not been as “an official or unofficial envoy” of the President.

Who says the truth in the affair?

Benalla said, a member of staff of the Elysée Palace have handed over to him at the beginning of October on a road near the presidential Palace, personal items, and his diplomatic statements. He was asked therefore only to make “no nonsense”.

If the Elysée is not what I wanted Palace, “is that I use the passports we would need to block and insert them into a database,” said Benalla. About abroad with a diplomatic passport, the French Embassy know traveling is also always on-the-spot decision.

The former communications adviser of Ex-President François Hollande, Gaspard Gantzer, invited to the Elysée Palace on Monday at the station France Inter, the “truth” about the affair say. Criticism also came from the conservative Republicans. Since Benallas dismissal had come from the state only a “succession of lies and cover-up,” said the spokesperson of the party, Laurence Saillie, in the RTL.

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