43 percent of all Germans believe that you need to pay for inpatient care in a nursing home not to share. This error of faith, and more Younger than Older and more East Germans than West Germans.

This shows a representative survey of the Postbank, together with the opinion of researchers Kantar Emnid, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” quoted.

Therefore, faith, among those who did not see it, your care later, once their income and savings to pay for even just two-thirds that of the statutory care insurance covers all the costs of care.

And, the knowledge that you need to bear part of the costs, under-estimate completely, what amounts will come on them: According to the survey, the majority of the expected amounts from 500 to 1000 Euro per month. 41 percent expect to will need for your care home place is less than 1000 euros a month to pay. On average, the respondents expect 1400 euros a month.

So a lot of care really costs

But you are wrong. So in need of care in nursing homes in October 2018 and had to repay in section 1813 Euro per month to their inpatient care. The FAZ reported, citing data from the Association of Private health insurance (PKV). And the costs are rising: In the year 2017, there were in 1744, the Euro. PDF The need to care for the needy and family members know

Our PDF guide explains to the patient and family about all the important information about the nursing, legal nursing care insurance, nursing degrees and nursing break to care for family members.

PDF guide

However, the differences are enormous. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 1239 Euro rich grant, in NRW, the cost of 2308 Euro are almost twice as high.

a Particularly tricky: Who thinks, if he, himself, has no savings, then the state commits a bad mistake. Because before the state opens its cash register, he demands it grants to children and spouses. The every second German do not know, according to the study.

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