Shortly after 18 o’clock has been advised on Saturday in Feldatal-Stumpertenrod (vogelsbergkreis), a machine hall in a fire and completely destroyed. Also gelgartes straw and hay was a victim of the flames. Of the voluntary fire brigades from FEldatal and the neighboring municipality of mosquito with swivel head up to 60 forces in the fire service. Particular difficulties meant the sub-zero temperatures, heavy rainfall, and therefore also road smoothness. Finally, the fire extinguishing water had to be pumped many hundreds of meters by hoses. Because of the risk of Sparking to an adjacent pile of Straw burning straw could not be transported bales with heavy equipment from the hall. In order to find possible hidden fire, ester, was requested to be a thermal imaging camera from the fire brigade, Ulrich.

On level of damage and the cause of the fire is still not secured, there is information on Saturday evening. (ma)

*The contribution of “machinery hall in Stumpertenrod burned down large – scale use of fire” comes from Osthessen News. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.

Osthessen News


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