By the quick Intervention of the fire brigade prevented the spread of fire, no one was hurt.

in order To 17.48 PM the message was received about Smoke from the first floor of an industrial hall at the Herner Straße in Bochum Riemke at the fire station. The Arrival of the erase train the city guard clear brand were found to be smoke from the premises of the electric company. As no persons were staying in the establishment, were at once two squads, protected by respiratory protective devices, in search of the source of the Fire. In Parallel, a turntable ladder was brought in position to support the fire from the Outside. After a short search, the use of forces in a workshop of the company have been able to find. Here’s an electric burning device already in full extension. With a beam pipe the flames were extinguished quickly, so the spread of fire could be prevented. Since the flames and heat had already reached parts of the ceiling, this was a precaution removed, and the area with a thermal imaging camera in a controlled manner. In addition, the rooms were clean with a high performance fan from the fire smoke.

at 19.15 clock, the use of fire was completed. A total of 20 emergency workers of the Downtown station and the main fire station. The cause of the fire, the police has started the investigation.

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