In the hall has made Brass, who studied in Braunschweig and then at the University of Pittsburgh, in addition to his scientific activities also made a name as a Uni-fireworks: every year, the Professor fires the Long night of science after extensive and meticulous preparation for his self-composed fireworks and Heide-Süd rockets, fountains, stars, and other luminous wonders in the heavens rise.

Halles “fireworks Professor” working at the University – but also has the pyrotechnics school

ever since childhood he was fascinated by the fireworks, he says. “New year’s eve was always a very important day for me,” recalls Brass who wanted to have as a child is always a “big fireworks”. Today, he has it. And he has made his enthusiasm to more than a passionate Hobby.

Brass has visited the pyrotechnics school and the necessary 26 helper certificates, the gaining of fireworks as a helper. He has attended courses in Austria, and in the case of competitions, including at the Potsdamer fireworks Symphony and in the case of the Pyro-Musicale at the Berlin Tempelhof airport in Berlin, as a helper involved. Since 2009, the Brass has more of a lovers light, instead of popping fireworks, the coveted certificate of competence for the professional fireworks.

tips from the Pro: What should I look for when firecrackers?

For the new year’s eve night, now he has some tips ready. The most important one: “keep your distance!” A minimum of eight feet to people and vehicles even better, the flight height of the firework would be good. You should only detonate in Germany approved fireworks, was clear. Launch rockets Brass is recommended, to put this in bottles in a beverage case and cover with aluminum foil. “Never rocket stuck in the ground, then they burst on the ground,” he says. Also, nothing should be in the Hand ignited. And: “The instructions should read during the day and also know where top and bottom is.” Otherwise, as Brass, could start the fireworks in the truest sense to the rear.(mz)

This article was written by Katja Pausch

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