The as-yet-unknown perpetrators were crafty, and forged the hull number of the boat. Still, the specialists of the “competence centre boat crime”, who were asked about the European border Agency, FRONTEX, to help to identify, together with the criminal police Pinneberg the boat. It is a “Chaparral 255SSI”.

in addition to the Elmshorn sport boat were seized during the search in Serbia’s capital Belgrade for several cars and a mobile home worth more than 100,000 euros! All of these vehicles could be assigned to past thefts.

The police Pinneberg and the Federal criminal police office are currently working to bring the vehicles back to Germany. How and by whom the boat has found the way into the Balkans, it is necessary to determine.

*The contribution of the “missing Years: Elmshorn sports boat in Serbia discovered” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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