“I’m shocked still for a bit. For us, it is really a miracle,” says the visibly proud father Sebastian of copper. At exactly 9.59 am on new year’s day, the small Elias saw the light of the world. Elias is the first Baby born in the year 2019 in the Klinikum Forchheim. So Svenja and Sebastian copper from Ebermannstadt had not expected, because Elias date of birth would actually be the 18. January. “But he wanted to come a bit earlier,” jokes Svenja copper.

it is Particularly curious: the parents were only the day before, already in the Forchheimer hospital, because the 39-Year-old has a cold. Since the examination of the Cervix and the contractions clerk had been yet completely unobtrusive. “Nobody would have thought that it was going to start at once. We didn’t expect it at all,” says the 36-year-old dad. Because on new year’s eve, the family of copper, to celebrate together at home in Ebermannstadt into the new year. “I still have with my in-laws jointly initiated,” recalls Sebastian copper.

in the Middle of the night, everything went very quickly

at 3 a.m. the inability to took hoped new year’s luck then run its course and little Elias was suddenly in a hurry. “I have woken up slept and then went to 3 o’clock, as the fruit bubble burst,” says mother, Svenja. Immediately, the parents went into the maternity ward to Forchheim. Since the new year’s eve hustle and bustle on the street was over, fortunately. And on new year’s morning the little Elias came up with 3180 grams by planned caesarean section on the world. The birth went without any problems.

Luca hits new year bro

The afternoon was also able to meet the one-year Luca, the first son of Svenja and Sebastian copper, the small Elias for the first Time. Luca was pleased to see his new year bro.

What does it mean for the parents of little Elias on this special date, the 1. January, on the world came from? “As we celebrate a future new year’s eve and birthday at the same time, we were able to make us, as yet, no thoughts,” reveals Sebastian copper. “We are all just still pretty tired and bleary-eyed but happy!”

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