ended During the second day of Christmas, the majority of Frankfurt’s sat at home, and the button of her pants before a loud, food not able to close, for 40 residential parties to the holidays with a great terror. In the Siedlung westhausen at the Ludwig-Landmann-Straße there was a fire in a basement. The residents of entire blocks of houses had to be evacuated, some of them are led through the smoke-filled stairwell. As the first terror had passed and it became clear that all the inhabitants had survived the accident unscathed, came the next bad news.

The block had to be disconnected from the electricity and water supply and was in order to this Season uninhabitable. The residents were accommodated in Hotels or found refuge with friends or family members. On Thursday, accordingly, was a hive of activity in front of the block of houses because the residents brought clothes, medicines and other important things from their homes. The discussion among the neighbors was palpable.

Between terror and everyday life

“We were renting for a week in a Hotel, but want to go home.” – Tenant

them of the horrors of was to be noted. Two residents said that they were both at the time of the fire at home. “I came from the U-Bahn and everywhere was blue light,” said a 46-Year-old, who does not want to be named. She had only moved a few weeks ago. “A week ago, my furniture has been delivered.” She was now at her brother. It was still difficult. “I had to work today again,” she said on Thursday afternoon.

A 51-Year-old said she was living since birth in the street, only the block of houses have changed with the age of 18 years. Since then, she lives in the house in the locked Block. “We were renting for a week in a Hotel, but want to go home,” she said. You have no Information from the landlord, as it is now.

investigation is not yet

in The morning, completed you have to call the housing company ABG Frankfurt Holding. “The were able to tell us anything.” It made the impression that the woman didn’t know on the phone that in the Block the water and the electricity was turned off, told the woman. You told her that she should be happy, then you had to pay this month’s less rent, she gave the call again. You have the impression that in the case of the housing society were all on vacation and you have to wait until the new year, until you get more information. “We have no emergency phone number.”

“I have no Information how long I must stay away.” – Tenant

must stay that the 46-Year-old did not get any information from the landlord how long you are with your brother. “I have no Information how long I must stay away.” A police spokesperson explained to Merkurist that the fire investigation is not yet complete. Only if it is clear what caused the fire, can be activated by the electricity and the water supply. Until then, the residents have to sleep away from home.


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