Many of Frankfurt to the end of the year the past twelve months and to reminisce. This is not only reflected what went on 2018 well, but also what us and hurt has taken – such as the death of some of Frankfurt’s celebrities and heroes. To have in your lifetime, you conjured us a Smile on the face of her death has dealt a stab to the heart. In honor of that, we want to keep them anyway. Because you have given to the city and their fellow citizens in the eye-catching or small and style a lot.

From the apartment, kicked out and on the road

died In February, resolved the destiny of Mircea N. from Rödelheim from horror at the Frankfurt. The 57-Year-old has been in common blocks with other residents of his landlord out of his apartment. However, unlike its neighbours, Mircea N. was sick. He had to rely on heart pills in his apartment were. This, he no longer came by the behaviour of his landlord. He lived for some days on the road, where he passed away due to health reasons. By his death, the Frankfurter debated once more about the liberties of landlords and the rights of tenants. Topics such as “brutal housing policy” and “social displacement” were highlighted more in the focus.

Iridescent Frankfurt artist

Two months later, another case of death caused grief. The artists Max Weinberg, passed away at the age of 90 in April. He was one of the most dazzling personalities from Frankfurt. With Kohl-rimmed eyes lived and created the vineyard, under the Motto “I always do what pleases me,” art. With vivid, expressionist paintings that are reminiscent of graffiti enthusiasts, the artist who created his works in a Studio in the East Park road.

a Few months after his death, the vineyard was honored with the Goethe badge of honour posthumously. “Max Weinberg not only for those close to him artists, but for all of Frankfurt’s a real role model and a moral compass,” said head of Cultural Affairs, Ina Hartwig.

the Initiator of the Museum shore died

Hilmar Hoffmann coined the Frankfurt cultural scene, and he died in 2018. The former Frankfurt’s head of cultural Affairs died at the age of 92 years, after he bethen on the street in front of the ELISA-hospital had collapsed. Hoffmann is considered the Initiator of the Museum embankment, since he supported the opening of 15 museums in the city. The former head of the cultural Department fought always for his Motto “culture for all”.

“By the death of Hilmar Hoffmann, and Max Weinberg, the city of Frankfurt has lost two cultural pioneers,” from the city. “Without outstanding personalities, such as Hoffman and Weinberg, Frankfurt today is not those exciting and livable city, as we know it.”

happy Elvis is one of us

gone is Not a man, but still a Frankfurter glad nature was aardvark Elvis. The animal died in July of 2018, at the age of 28 years. Zoo visitors were mourning one of their favorites. The Erferkel had come from the U.S. Memphis to Frankfurt. According to statements by the Zoo staff, Elvis was like to be in the nurses area for a walk, and rode the Elevator with the load. In old age a cyst tormented him. “With a great will to live Elvis has recovered each Time and lived in the best aardvark-style with his aardvark woman in Ermine”, it was said after his death by the Zoos.

But in July this was not possible for him finally. He died. Shortly after his death gave birth to his animal companion, his son. In memory of his father, he was baptized in Memphis.

Frankfurt grieved the loss of the Original

another Original left Frankfurt in October 2018. The Entertainer Emmanuel de Greco died suddenly after he collapsed near his home at the Konstablerwache. De Greco was not only due to his long fur coat, his white hat and his flashing plastic glasses on the nose, but also because of its lovable, cheerful and open nature.

So he sweetened numerous frankfurters stay on festivals, markets or just in everyday life, if he had left on the Zeil or in the car Park in a cafe or Restaurant. Semi-Frankfurt mourned for the man with the unique character.


Also, Mustafa s. a. grieved Frankfurt 2018. The 17-Year-old was captured in November by a tram and died of his injuries. Prior to that, he had risen in the track bed in the Station “ostendstraße”, to help a homeless high. Far beyond the city’s borders acknowledged people invariably starts the courage of his convictions, called for a memorable facility in the Station and the renaming of the station. “Rest in peace, little Hero,” was expressed by several pages. Also in the new year’s greeting from mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) and the town mayor Stephan Sealer prescribed the 17-Year-old is mentioned. “The tragic death of 17-year-old Mustafa S., who laid down his life to help another human being out of the track bed of the S-Bahn Station Ostend street, moving a lot of Frankfurt. The magistrate of the city of Frankfurt for the reason that Mustafa S. is set to an appropriate monument,“ of the two.

*The post “have all died in the Frankfurt 2018” comes from Merkurist. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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