In the villages of great Eder, Lütgeneder, Rösebeck and Körbecke howled in the afternoon, the sirens and the alarm receiver of the comrades raised the Alarm: “fire 2 smoke development is unclear – the old dairy in Lütgeneder” in the alarm text of the “beeper”. In addition, the patrol were still in the car, as well as later in the course of the Exercise device breathing car protection. The Arrival of the first forces, the residents report that it is in the apartment under you in 1. Floor of the apartment building is on fire. May still be missing. The fire Department begin men with the rescue of people and fire fighting. Several squads were sent under respiratory protection in the fire apartment to search for the missing persons. As it turned out, had become a Person of fire to the apartment unconscious. You could be found by use of forces quickly and were handed over to the ambulance service for treatment. More residents of the house were brought on portable ladders. It was then deleted by means of the C-cavity beam pipe the simulated fire. The Exercise was executed under the direction of Olaf Walter scores. The ever-learned Knowledge could be deepened this afternoon, excellent. A total of 30 responders were on-site. For the planning and implementation of fire inspector Elmar Nolte and fire inspector, Alexander Ernst (both from Lütgeneder) were responsible. A thank you goes to the observers of the Exercise: Thorsten Dierkes of the erase group stage, Franz-Josef Evers from the fire company Borgentreich, as well as Carsten Reineke and mark Güthoff of the erase group Dössel.

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Freiwillige Feuerwehr Borgentreich/news aktuell


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