The women who choose Honka, working as a “opportunity-prostitutes in the neighborhood,” writes the North German broadcasting (NDR) in its documentation about the killer. He takes her to his apartment and gives them alcohol. As a consideration you have to sleep with him. A vicious circle, out of the four women are not able to escape. “As they disappear, missing you.”

Honkas first victim is Gertraud Bräuer. The 42-Year-old should be gone with a friend of Mittdreißigers in his apartment in the Zeißstraße. The three get drunk and Honka wants to have Sex with Bräuer. “When she fights back, he raped her and strangled her with a Curtain,” says the NDR. Some of the already decayed body parts are on 2. November 1971 in a junkyard in the Hamburg district of Altona found. The fuselage of the killer hidden for years in his apartment.

Three more murders

in 1974, he kills Anna’s lungs and grilled, which was like Honka a regular guest in the “Golden glove”. You must die, “because they lay in bed like a Board,” says Honka according to Hamburger Morgenpost later in the process. Also Frieda Roblick, he brings in 1974, a year later, he kills Trains Ruth. All the bodies he cut up and kept in his apartment.

The woman killer is overwhelmed, born 1935 in Leipzig, his father alcoholic, his mother and siblings. In 1951, he fled to West Germany. In Hamburg, he starts as a shipyard worker, reports ntv. Honkas face is disfigured in 1956 by a Bicycle accident. A year later, he marries, and the Couple gets a son. But quickly his wife got a divorce – because her husband cheats on her and drinks too much, she should have according to the NDR specified.

stench makes it suspicious

Honka moves in the Zeißstraße 74 in Hamburg – in the apartment in which he kills four women. Psychologists attest to him later an enormous hatred for women. In addition, he is heavily dependent on alcohol. All of the deeds to Honka have been under the influence of alcohol committed.

to mask The smell in his apartment, rotting corpses trying to Honka, with spruce-scented urinal cake. Some neighbors complain about the stench, the serial killer is to blame, however, the in-house resident Greeks. This would cook with weird spices, he said, according to the NDR, the janitor, as this makes the search for the cause of the smell.

firefighter recalls

Only at 17. July 1975 Honkas dark secret to light. In the second floor apartment, a fire breaks out in the night. Of fire, the following can be deleted, the firefighters have to seek in Honkas apartment above for hotspots. “What immediately stood out was the very unpleasant odor. A mixture of the smell of decay and burning flesh,“ recalls the former Firefighter Gerd Mahnke in the NDR documentation to the application.

In the smoldering coals, you have finally discovered a plastic bag with human body parts and the police are informed. This is made according to the NDR information decomposed and mummified body parts of four women in the Roof to the attic. Honka is yet to come during the investigation of his shift as a night guard home.


withdrawn As it becomes clear that only he has access to the attic, Honka taken to the police headquarters. The then 39-Year-old, after long hours of interrogation, to have three women killed. For the fourth murder, he makes no details. As the deeds are open to the public, the interest of the population. The “image”-newspaper headline hacks: “Four women of a night watchman”.

In November 1976, must be responsible for Honka in court. Of his confession, he moves according to the NDR – it is only to have the bodies dismembered. After his conviction for murder and manslaughter in the case of reduced debt ability Honka is convicted to 15 years in prison and in a psychiatric hospital.

Honka is formed corpses-the smell of a

Under the name of Peter Jensen, he lives after his release incognito in an old people’s home in Scharbeutz on the Baltic sea. Honka is suffering, according to “ntv” delusional and complained to the staff, it is with the smell in his room after the body. In October 1998, the wife murderer dies at the age of 63 years in the Hamburg hospital Ochsenzoll, to the consequences of their alcohol and nicotine consumption.

18 years after his death author Heinz Strunk publishes a novel about Honkas. This, in turn, serves as the basis for the current movie, the the 21. February comes out in theaters.

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