The history books in Saudi Arabia tell their own view of things. Hardly anyone outside of the ultra-conservative Kingdom’s reminded of how king Faisal in 1945 the UN Charter was signed, and next to him at the table of the wise Jedi master Yoda was sitting. As the manipulated Black-and-White photo of the school’s somehow found its way in the Saudi books, created a stir in the country for excitement. And artist Shaweesh, it brought sleepless nights, because when it comes to the king’s house, understand the authorities, no fun.

“It is not my way to shock,” says the 28-year-old artist with the tangled beard, and the ambitious men braid. “If You people are shocking, then you strike back at some point.” Actually, he wanted to connect the history of his country with the little green movie heroes of his Childhood. The image is part of a series. The artist is about connecting the generations with each other.

youth has learned how to arrange

The shelves of his Studio full-Turtles-action figures stuffed with childhood memories, he has ordered on the Internet: racing cars, water pistols and Ninja. “You can make everything what You want,” says Shaweesh. “As long as You stay out of Trouble.”

Saudi Arabia’s young Generation has learned to come to terms with the conditions. Around 70 percent of the population of the Kingdom are younger than 35 years. When you were born, had brought to the extreme religious clerics and preachers in the country on a conservative way. The young people grew up without cinema, without women at the helm and with strict clothing rules.

The 33-year-old crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman expressed some time ago in an Interview with the British “Guardian” critically about the past. The ultra-conservative state over the last 30 years was not “normal”. Abroad, the impulsive heir to the throne, the many refer to as “MBS,” because of his occurrence, his aggressive foreign policy in Yemen and its possible involvement in the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the criticism.

90 percent are behind MBS

On Wednesday, a wave of indignation erupted once again, because of the Streaming service Netflix took a saudi-critical shipment of pressure from the leadership of Riyadh from his offer for the desert state. However, in Saudi Arabia to 90 percent, according to a survey by the communications Agency Burson-Marsteller behind crown Prince Mohammed.

“He’s one of us, he knows how we tick,” says the 22-year-old Farah al-Kuwailit. She works in a Co-Working Space in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh. Her scarf is just like a thin cloth over the head and slipping on the shoulders, if you go through the rooms. Young men and women to work together on projects, and discuss innovative business ideas. Most of the public places and also in many of the company’s strict gender-separation rules. There are separate entrances for women and men.

“In the last two to three years, it has become considerably more relaxed,” says Farah. Much of the country is above all Tradition, she says, with a look at the many fully veiled women in the city. “There is someone, the triggers, and the families prepare the way needs,” she says euphorically. “This is the crown Prince.”

the developments already started, long before Mohammed bin Salman was appointed last year to the crown Prince. Already more than ten years ago, the then king Abdullah bin Abdelasis al-Saud had introduced a scholarship program for the growing group of boys. More than 200 000 young Saudis have studied in abroad and pledged to work then, first of all in the Kingdom. New ideas were mass-catchment.

“Saudi Arabia feels left alone”

a political scientist Mansur al-Marsuki also a reason why so many young people stand behind the crown Prince. “In the old Regime cousin had been before the economy, in the economy there are clear monopolies”, says the scientist from the national centre for strategic studies. As the crown Prince in the last year, had many princes and high economic bosses at the luxury hotel Ritz Carlton, as this was a sign that the time of corruption is over, says Al-Marsuki.

The most important issue for the youth, Jobs and Entertainment in the public space, says the Analyst. With the so-called “Vision 2030”, which aims to push for an Opening up of the Kingdom, and a change in the economy away from Oil, have taken up the crown Prince is precisely these important issues. Cinemas were opened, women were allowed to drive a car, and international Stars like the Black Eyed Peas and Enrique Iglesias in the country to give concerts – in front of a mixed audience.

in terms of Foreign policy, the part of aggressive actions such as the Boycott of Qatar or of the military intervention in Yemen was easy to explain. “Saudi Arabia feels left alone,” says Mansur al-Marsuki. “It is like an animal: If you are pushing the in the corner, then it’s going to bite.”

The extremely negative reporting in the West after the murder of critical journalist Jamal Khashoggi has led from the perspective of the policy scientist to the position of crown Prince in the Kingdom has been called into question. “On the contrary, Its Position is considerably strengthened, and many are not behind him, because they do not understand this aggressive tone towards Saudi Arabia.”

human rights groups criticize the Kingdom for his dealing with activists, women, and minorities. “But it changes what”, says the artist Shaweesh. In the Studio, the toy figures are from the early ‘ 90s. Since Saudi Arabia was a different country.

FOCUS Online/Wochit New Video allegedly shows how minions Khashoggis Remains aside to create NPP/dpa


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