“This is the destruction of trust,”

“Heilbronner Stimme” : The curse of the Internet: That democracy can be a victim, we know, since the Russian trolls opinion echo chambers form, and social media floods, in order to influence elections. It is the Manipulation and incitement of the masses, such as demonstrations with and without the West, to hatred, to war, to flee – with the aim to destabilize democracies. Also, if the author of the scandal are not yet known, it is certain that the issue Here is the destruction of trust, and the targeted influencing of decision-makers, to harm our democracy.

“Our security agencies are not able to protect us from attacks,”

“Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” : privacy advocates have warned for years that we leave with every click on the Internet traces, which allow us to in the most intimate sphere. Who has to take responsibility for the Theft, he has made us again aware that We are not more of our data. And our security agencies are not able to protect us from attacks. Alone at the naive reaction of some of the authorities we can gauge how easy it would be Cyber-warriors, in our critical infrastructures. Instead of waiting but in the state of bondage of the US-American technology leaders dominated the World Wide Web, we would advise citizens of good conscious with our own data.

“This Cyber-attack gives a glimpse of what is still possible”

Frankfurter Rundschau : in summary, we can say that The Cyber attack shows clearly what happens when someone with enough technical expertise to seriously strive for our sloppy handling of data. (…) The Hack not only individuals, but institutions, such as parliaments, political offices, party headquarters, and therefore that democratic institutions are concerned, Yes. On the Cyber-aimed attack. And you can imagine what would be possible should a talented Hacker, we say, hospitals or power plants in this country deal with. Or just the traffic light system on our roads. It would be easier, as we would like to introduce ourselves.

“A hundred percent of IT security, there is no obvious”

“Westfälische Nachrichten” (of Munster) : The networked society lives with the duration of risk, that there is not a hundred percent IT security is obvious. May be the wall of protection so high, hackers around the globe in the duration of exchange – don’t give up until you have overcome the last hurdle. Forces to be measured in the Cyber. That now were part of submitted sensitive data and documents of hundreds of German politicians and other Celebrities to the Internet, is a new version of the criminal action. The confused mixture of the Chat log to the Bank statement confirms the suspicion, however, that in this case, someone, especially, according to the bell wanted to beat. Phishing for compliments.

“Germany sees itself as a digital leader – but is IT a developing country”

“Münchner Merkur” : there are Still more questions than answers for the mass robbery of sensitive data politicians and Celebrities on the Internet. But one thing can be said now: the attack is a serious criminal act, because copyright, damage whether intentional or not, with their “revelations” confidence in democracy and its institutions. Politicians, whose Privatestes is dragged into the light of Public, state Cyber-defence, the stumbles, the hackers behind: this is the stuff of digital nightmares are made of. Germany sees itself as a digital leader – but in terms of IT security in a developing country. Many politicians are much too careless, if you are private online, is another issue. But the problem is not just politicians.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex After a Hacker attack in the case of Instagram: how to protect your Account sleigh/dpa/AFP


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