The “Framing” attempts to draw a hot debated topics in a certain desired direction, and thus the addressees of language to influence. A “Frame” in a structured and influenced the perception of reality in a certain way. A technique will now also apply to the ARD.

In the opinion of the “Berkeley International Framing institutions”, which is the “world,” it says, among other things: “If you want to bring their fellow citizens to understand the added value of the ARD, and to stand behind the idea of a common, free movement of broadcasting company ARD (…), then your communication must always take place in the Form of moral arguments.” The assessment shall be allocated to all managers of the transmitter.

opponent: “displeasure, so not to appease”

“This is outrageous,” says Ketterer Kleinsteuber to FOCUS Online. He operates the Internet portal “” in Baden-Württemberg. The public broadcaster would be set by such report, the GEZ-opponents only. “The resentment of the people is so appease to.”

media expert Jo Groebel the opinion of experts, however, are a problem. “Conviction with moral arguments has nothing to do with Manipulation. It is quite normal that companies prepare their employees with arguments to critics. Since Manipulatives is nothing behind it,“ says Groebel in an interview with FOCUS Online.

in Addition, no unidentified communication “Framing” method. A lot of companies would make use of this technique to Use. “Then why not the ARD?”

arguments understandable

The ARD Secretary General, Susanne Pfab represent said at the request of the “world” that the broadcaster has long employed, what is the role of games in language. It was a matter of arguments for the Public to understand.

GEZ opponent Ketterer Kleinsteuber, sees it differently. “This is just the idea for you to gloss over something with a different choice of words and to give us a muzzle, so that we can no longer upset us. The fact that you have an idea, is absurd.“

post service again and again in criticism

again and again, in Germany there are discussions about the licence fee. The fee is set by 2020 to € 17.50 per household per month. In the spring of 2019, the public broadcaster must notify the Commission to determine the financial needs of broadcasters (KEF), how much money you need for 2021 to 2024. Switzerland had decided in the spring of 2018, after fierce discussions in a referendum to want the licence fee does not abolish it.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit GEZ on the Brink: These countries show that, even without the broadcasting fee



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