formula 1 icon Michael Schumacher was on the Asphalt many rivals, as friends or Confidants of Kerpen has referred, however, only a few people.

A look into the world of five years ago, crashed Kerpeners, the today on 3. January, was born 50 years ago.


This is an action against Jacques Villeneuve regretted Schumacher later and she had deleted the most of his Vita. In the world Cup final in 1997 at Jerez, the Ferrari driver rammed the canadian Williams-driver and ends up in the gravel bed. The provisional From for Schumacher’s title dream with the Scuderia, because Villeneuve can continue to secure third in the drivers ‘ championship. Schumacher will be known after his attack, all of the points.

Villeneuve was the only one of his rivals, but certainly one of his own most willingly. The son of the 1982 fatal accident of Ferrari driver Gilles Villeneuve had a big mouth and fell through his changing hair color. Damon Hill, son of two-time formula 1 world champion Graham Hill, was different, a Briton. With verbal tips of English will not be held back. In 1994 and 1995, Schumacher’s first two world titles at Benetton, had to make the Hill the Germans still failed. In 1996, Schumacher was the first year at Ferrari, and Jacques Villeneuves first year at Williams, triumphed Hill.

Three times, Schumacher closed the world championship for drivers Second: in 1997, when the points were removed, 1998 and 2006. In 1998 the season was, in the Mika world champion Häkkinen, for the first time. In front of the frenzied Finns in the service of McLaren-Mercedes, Schumacher had the highest respect. Häkkinen defended his title in 1999, even profited, but also from a fracture of the leg by the Germans in July in Silverstone that put him out of action.

In his last two Ferrari-years 2005 and 2006 Schumacher was unable to pass Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard was eye-to-eye: smart, fast, and enormously ambitious. “If I had to name my greatest rivals, it would be Michael,” admitted Alonso. After his Comeback with Mercedes for the 2010 season, Schumacher had no shot at the Title, he made a rather important construction work.


Michael Schumacher had his supporters, to his ascension, he had to fight yourself tooth and nail. His father Rolf had not enough money, therefore, the young racer and his Kart time had to travel often with second-rate Material, because the best engines, for instance, got only the paying customers. “If I had not supported earlier patrons, such as Jürgen Dilk financially, I never would have in the formula 1,” said Schumacher once to the fatherly friend.

Not without self-interest, Willi Weber, has promoted the Rhineland Motorsport Talent. The Schwabe with the nose took Schumacher to the end of the 80s under the contract, and issued him the money for an expensive formula-3-Cockpit and negotiated later, his multi-million dollar contracts. “I’m going, the Rest makes Willi,” said Schumacher once over “Mr. 20 percent”, which puts Weber’s alleged share of the negotiated sums.

Who else? There were some supporters, some find particularly mention, because they represent important milestones. Team boss Eddie Jordan, for example, the Schumacher, in 1991, was his own team – but only after a lush dowry – the Chance to be a formula 1 debut. After only one race, the upcoming Champion, moved to Benetton, where he celebrated under Flavio Briatore, his first two titles. The long-standing formula 1 chief marketer Bernie Ecclestone was jointly responsible that the rise of Schumacher’s work. The Briton recognized in Schumacher the potential to conquer the German market for the Motorsport-king class and a Boom trigger.


There are only a few people, which, according to Schumacher’s severe skiing accident on 29. December 2013 access to the exceptional athlete in the hospital of Grenoble got. All his wife Corinna, who is married since 1995 with him. She hurried back with the two children Gina and Mick to her injured husband. Sabine Kehm also belongs to the inner circle. The former journalist began when Schumacher first as a press officer and then rose up to his Manager. Today, it also provides assistance to his son Mick, of the drives in the future, in the Junior class in formula 2.

Also, two longtime companion Schumacher’s formula 1 looked for the way to him: Jean Todt and Ross Brawn. Todt Schumacher’s team boss at Ferrari and is now the Boss of the automotive world Federation FIA. The Frenchman sees the 91-time Grand Prix winner, according to its own statement on a regular basis. So he did the next-to-last race of the last season, the Brazilian Grand Prix, Schumacher home in Switzerland in the watch television, he said recently, the “Sport Bild”.

Brawn, in turn, to all the seven world titles of Schumacher as technical Director at Benetton and Ferrari was involved. As Schumacher for three years at Mercedes to make a Comeback to the side of Nico Rosberg, was the Brawn of the team leader. Without the British, is today head of sports, the formula 1, it would have been the return of the Kerpeners 2010 with the silver arrows. That the privacy of Schumacher’s is so heavily protected, in favour of Brawn. “Michael was always a very private Person,” he said of the English news Agency PA. “That was a guiding principle in his career and his life.”



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