“Absolutely. My father hung on to his life, he had so many plans,” she said in an Interview with the magazine “Bunte”. “He had at Sport1, a new Box will show, it went uphill. He wanted to move in with his new girlfriend and the two small children they had together, to Munich, you have something to offer,” she added.

The fatal accident may explain the 33-Year-old only due to the alcohol consumption of the athlete. “My dad always had back problems from time to time with the alcohol, if there were conflicts. So it was this evening.” He was sinking in a tank tellenbar, and I lost, apparently, on the way back. As he wanted to this was noticed and the way to abbreviate it, whether he ran while Crossing the road in the car. “His guardian angel that had saved him so often in car accidents, were gone.”

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex Handball coach warns shortly before the home world Cup Start: “Otherwise we will not get far!” pk


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