The wet cardboard with the polls has slipped to a member of staff from the Railing into the sea, said Silvia Roos from the shipping company, the German press Agency.

The ballot boxes should be taken out of the box, and the ash in the case of a so-called anonymous burial in the sea, scattered open. “The incident is very embarrassing,” says Roos. In the Netherlands it is allowed to scatter the ashes at sea. In Germany, burials at sea are only in bio-degradable urns removal allowed, such as Andreas Neumann of the shipping company Teßnow in Peenemünde said. These were made of a salt clay mixture, or made of a cardboard material that dissolves within a few days. Part of urns would have complained, to be sure that you go under.

shipping company is considering, with members of

sorry, In the current case, a 14-year-old Boy on 29. December an urn on the beach of Noordwijk discovered. Not far away were found two more urns. On them Name and date of birth of the deceased. In addition, the crematorium in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania identify.

The ashes of two deceased had been to the sea pass, the third burial at sea was planned as the shipping company. In addition, think about how you, the members, sorry.

The public Prosecutor’s office Stralsund is examining a possible disturbance of the dead peace, but currently, no starting point for investigation. A spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office said.


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