The Haas Team surprised everyone in the formula 1 season in 2018 with a competitive midfield runner, but also with bankruptcies, bad luck and breakdowns. The season balance of the team-in-chief Günther Steiner is still positive. “I think it was a pretty good season for us. We are only in our third year. This is always forgotten,” the South Tyrol. In season three, the U.S. Team struggled to fifth in the constructors ‘ championship. 93 championship points are a new team record, the points from the previous year, you could double.

“to fight In the third year to the fourth [world Cup]place and then the Fifth is not bad.” 29 counters were missing at the end on the Renault Team. “You can always regret missed chances. We could have been Fourth. But the Racing is. I think we have beaten us respectable.” Through the close partnership with Ferrari, the Team in midfield, established himself and fought against the French works team, McLaren, and Racing Point/Force India – the Team that would have ended up without insolvency even before Haas.

lessons learned to the Team in 2018 some. Already the season opener in Melbourne seemed to be a Highlight up at the pit of the Malheure stop happened. Both drivers were ruled out, the wheel Nut was jammed been screwed. “Many,” says Steiner, on the question of what lessons he had learned in the past year. To collect “experiences, you have to make mistakes.”

2019 no major Changes planned

In the formula 1 mistakes at a high level, says Steiner. Even worse: “Because everyone is watching how you make them. But in the end, you have to make the mistakes, and then a second Time to make, but learn from it. That makes you ultimately a better Team.” Haas has learned from the pit-stop gaffe and the procedure already at the second race in Bahrain amended.

The structure of the Team will remain in 2019, the same. “In a Team there are always adjustments. But no major structural Change. With such things you can’t wait around until at the end of the season, but you put them when they happen.” A Change, however, there are in the Team by Kevin Magnussen, the Dane loses race engineer Giuliano Salvi.

“The formula 1 is a Sport in which things move very quickly. Since you can’t wait until the end of the season. In the case of large Changes, maybe. But we are planning no major Changes,” emphasizes Steiner strongly. Even with the driver pairing you put on continuity, with Magnussen and Romain Grosjean. The Frenchman recovered after a surprisingly weak start to the season with many self-errors (start-up crash in Barcelona, or a Crash behind the Safety Car in Baku).

Sauber-Ferrari relationship is not influenced Haas

2019 Haas will once again, as the second Ferrari customer team, in addition to Clean. The Swiss learned can last a appreciation by Alfa Romeo, with Kimi they will Raikkonen is also a former world champion. To Haas, this will have no effect, emphasizes Steiner, who clarifies: “Some people say that our car was a copy of the Ferrari. The not has never been proven, because it is true.”

Haas was working with Ferrari in the Form of a technical partnership “very good”. This is also well documented. “We are planning the same way as in the past years. In it, nothing will change. This does not mean, however, that we get from Ferrari for a whole car. This is a fairy tale that some people tell since the beginning of the season. But it’s not true,” says Steiner. Most recently, he had to listen to some of his rival’s criticism.

Clean games for Haas anyway no role. “What makes Ferrari with Sauber, I don’t know. Is none of my business. If you want to work together with Clean, you must not ask me. Since I’m not getting involved. We focus on us.”

New main sponsor 2019: “Went very quickly,”

A “” was able to celebrate the US Team according to their own data at the end of October: The Team will go from 2019, with a main sponsor at the Start. With an agreement on a multi-year partnership.

“This is happening very quickly. You have been looking for Alternatives, and before that you have planned already for a long time, in the formula 1 to join,” says Steiner. First of all, it was with Williams, McLaren and Force India in the conversation, but finally the dazzling Rich owners agreed with Gene Haas. “Then you have approached us. Within two weeks we had a Deal.” Steiner confirmed that it is a multi-year contract. Therefore, the cars will probably appear in the coming year, in Black-and-Gold.

With the new money, you’ll do “anything Crazy”, says Steiner. The pragmatist wants to invest the money wisely. “We plan no new factory, and we do not intend that everyone gets a new company car. We just want to grow organically, as in the past years.” With this strategy, you had been already success. “We have become better and better every year. Hopefully we continue.”

This article was written by Maria Reyer, Co-author: Jonathan Noble

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