On Friday morning, it had become publicized that over the next few weeks and partly sensitive data politicians and Celebrities in the Format of an advent calendar were disseminated via the short message service. While the publications for nationwide excitement, the identity of the hacker has, as yet, unclear, the Account was blocked by Twitter in the meantime.

Florian Post: “I’m pretty shocked,”

The Hack affected SPD member of the German Bundestag Florian Post said, not all the data are real: “It is a fake file, at least. It’s not mine, it was sent to me, and I haven’t saved”, Post to the German press Agency. This will be shown in the lists as its file. Other information are genuine, so, for example, account statements had been published of him. “We feel powerless, I’m pretty shocked”.

From the CDU deputies Christian Gräff the Hacker found an identity card and some other data to the network. It was a past card, said Gräff of the dpa. His party colleague, the Brandenburg CDU member of Parliament Rainer Genilke , noted already in October, Unusual to his Facebook Account, because he was “usable”. Genilke: “as a result, I created a new Account and is now safe”.

SPD-Secretary-General Lars Klingbeil the hackers stole private messages. Perhaps the hackers got an E-Mail program to access the sensitive data. Klingbeil called for a rapid investigation by the competent authorities. “A possible political Motivation of this attack has to be clarified,” said Klingbeil. “Whoever is responsible for trying to intimidate politicians,” said the SPD politician. This will not succeed. “The competition between democratic parties does not take place through the competition of ideas – the publication of sensitive, personal data.”

böhm’s Management is allowed

the private address of the satirist Jan böhmermann the Hacker has published on his profile. His Management revealed in front of the “ARD-facts finders” left. “There was nothing New,” – said in the Statement, the “re-circulated data had already been stolen previously Unknown, and has been published”.

filmmaker Til Schweiger , of which the Hacker also private addresses online, would not comment on FOCUS-Online-request – his lawyer is taking care of the matter.

Raed Saleh’s phone number is published – he wants you published

According to the SPD the phone was keep a number of your the Berlin group Chairman, Raed Saleh . “In addition, no one is affected in the group,” said the parliamentary Secretary Thorsten Schneider. A Check revealed that the Server of the group had not been hacked in the house of representatives. Therefore, the had become relatively easily accessible phone number to Saleh’s welfare in other ways to the public. Saleh wool to keep the number still.

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