the most Recent point of contention was the future of the former Hasi-building on the port road 7. In the Interview, the two newly elected Jusos-Chairman Julia Syndram (19, student) and Niklas Gerlach (18, student), what must change in the party reports. The interview was conducted by Tanja gold Cup.

The city Council has positioned the SPD, however, to use the building at the Harbor road as a socio-cultural centre. The Jusos are. Why?

Niklas Gerlach: First of all, one must say that the excerpt of the Capuze club is the Best thing that could happen to the city. Now the opportunity to give the house a new carrier, the social and cultural events. The port road is very centrally located, so that people could achieve social focal points, such as Halle-Neustadt, this point easily. That’s why we want to get the site to build new apartments on this site.

should look Like as a point of contact?

Niklas Gerlach: We see the Conny Island in Leipzig as a model. There are regularly organized concerts, which are very well accepted. You could also offer self-help workshops and rehearsal rooms for the Bands. It is important that we receive the subculture, in any case, instead of reduce. Otherwise, hall is losing more and more young people move away to school or studying.

The SPD city Council faction was apparently not of this Vision, convince.

Julia Syndram: In the city Council, there is now a boys round. It is very difficult to talk with group members about such issues. Our arguments are not simply heard. But we will no longer like.

What does that mean?

Niklas Gerlach: We have for the local elections in may 2019, a total of 19 candidates of the Jusos in the SPD list. Igor Matviyets occurs in, for example, in the city district of Mitte, Franziska Meusel in Neustadt. Younger councillors are committed to other topics, and think radical. As at the Federal level, the SPD also takes in hall a renewal. We develop ourselves more and more to a academic party. In the process, we should strengthen our the original social democratic values.

What are the topics that should be discussed in the hall?

Julia Syndram: Us missing in the current direction of the party, the focus on the social aspects. We have to of the gentrification curb, which we experience especially in the St. Paul district. Not many people can afford an apartment there to rent. Investors buy more and more land in the hall. Thus, there is a lack of spaces for socio-cultural. However, it is also important to have district as the silver amount and the Neustadt stronger. There, too, we must make a choice to fight for our ideas.

The municipal election is still fighting, each party for itself. But IF in the autumn it is then, to forge an Alliance between the SPD, Left and Greens. How does the exchange with the other youth organisations of the parties?

Niklas Gerlach: The collaboration works among the youth organizations, almost better than with the councillor group. There have already been Meetings with the left youth Solid and the Green youth. The Jusos are behind the common OB-candidate Hendrik for a Long time. First of all, we must, however, achieve a good election result for the SPD in the municipal election. If we want to save the party from crashing, we need to do something now.


*The post “”We need to do something”: Jusos want to change Halles SPD and the city Council fraction” comes from the mitteldeutsche Zeitung. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.

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