The 58-Year-old Holm (Pinneberg district) – multi-record – to set fire to a Laundry cart in the “Westin Hotel” in the Elbphilharmonie. Because of attempted serious arson and damage to property, he stood on Wednesday in front of the district court in the middle. And denied everything: “I’m afraid of fire!”

As an in-house technician Michael F. in the Hotel was working – changed bulbs in the rooms, and completed minor repairs. So at the 30. July 2017 – as someone at 19 o’clock with a match in a Laundry truck, loaded with towels, sheets and toilet paper, in the 17th century. Stock kindle. The car is in the Service room – here all the accessories is mounted to the Cleaning of the room is completely destroyed. The fire brigade can extinguish the fire before the flame will be transferred to the building. No one was hurt.

suspicion quickly falls on Michael F.: He was the last one that has operated with its Transponder, a kind of access card, the door to the Service room. But the beefy man with a bald head, convicted of pimping, assault, coercion, and fraud, arguing on Wednesday.

“The Housekeeping staff blocked the way, prohibited often the lock of this door, so that it doesn’t have to get every Time his Transponder to Open it out,” he said. “I didn’t enter the room but only the door from the outside with my card properly.” Someone had hidden, possibly in the Service area and later the fire.

“I would have risked for that but never my Job,” said Michael F., was fired because of the allegations, finally. And: He had a fear of fire since then, he has witnessed in the remand prison at the Holst glacis of a fire in an adjacent wing. “I heard the screams of fire victims,” he said. “Since then, I have not even a lighter.”

The process is on 11. January continued.

This article was written by Silvia Risch

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