forms the basis for the development plan. The residents around the area are, in part, skeptical, fear of traffic, destruction of the environment and Close, which could bring the new district. “We have here a perfectly preserved natural and cultural landscape,” says about Katja Haack of the Initiative “Paradise billwerder.”

Bergedorfs district office chief Arne thorn Quast (SPD) said on German TV “NDR 90,3”, you’ll stay in the conversation with the residents. So write the plan of procedures. “I’m sure that we can give about this minimum, the building code demands of us, still a lot of information and also want to,” thorn brush.

His district administration will deal so, in 2019, according to a decision of the Senate more frequently with the plans. According to which here, under the Motto “Active City” is actually a model city in terms of health, way of life and the protection of the environment. It is about only a few cars and Parking are provided.

This article was written by Kristian Meyer

*The contribution of “New area of Upper billwerder: Now, the master plan for the flagship-district” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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