nearly 10 years ago, on 13. In September 2009, was injured, the now 45-Year-old on the edge of the hill solid by a blow to the head hard. Next week’s trial against the city of Hamburg, was in charge of the police operation begins. It is about 250,000 euros.

His training as a Technical draftsman John M. had to cancel, the now 45-Year-old to the day almost ten years ago unable to work. He had destroyed his “life complete,” said M. to the “taz”.

A “black wall” was at that time rushes on in the course, he recalls in an interview with the newspaper. The wall consisted of Federal officers. m., dressed in black uniforms and helmets. Then the former Technical draftsman loses consciousness and goes to the floor. As he comes to, is to smash the ceiling of his skull – a life-threatening Situation due to the risk of infection.

Later, a medical report finds that the violation was caused by a blow, as by a blow floor of the Federal police. But whether it was really so, is still controversial. Crucial video recordings.

nearly A decade after the life-changing incident to the process of the now 45-Year-old against the city of Hamburg, was in charge of the police operation begins. John M., with 500 euros a month on water, calls for approximately 250,000 euros for Pain and suffering and loss of earnings.

The city sees it as proven that the injury is caused by a baton. And even if it is, could someone other than the police have. Because in the Protocol of the forces, has not found a corresponding note in the “taz”. And this is a unique “circumstantial fact” that there had been a RAID by the officials.

process the beginning of the 8. January 2019.

*The contribution “To the police ten years ago: man (45) calls for 250,000 euros from the city” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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