Incredible: The dog in the radiator grill

at the beginning of an incredible story. Miniature Schnauzer “Tero” is Seevetal before the eyes of his owner, and the car swept away. In the evening he is discovered wedged in the grille of the vehicle. Intact.

Mysterious: The elephant-death curse of Hagenbeck

the First two years of the bull elephant was Kanja, when he died in June. A few days later, then a new shock: the elephant’s child, Anjuli dies. The autopsy report for both: A Herpes Virus was responsible.

Sad: walrus baby dies early

The small walrus baby was 45 pounds, but had not even a name, as it died in two and a half months after the birth in the Hagenbeck zoo.

Rarely: dead moon fish

Not all of Hamburg, but rarely enough to mention here. 17. December a stroller on the beach of Hohwacht Bay (Kreis Ostholstein) discovered a dead specimen of the in these latitudes, very rare moon fish.

Unpleasant: fish die due to heat

Speaking of fish: The century heat in July caused a lack of Oxygen in the Alster lake and the surrounding waters. The result: an unusual mass death of fish.

Vulnerable to suffer Hamburg’s Alster swans

the Alster swans were this year under the heat. The led to increased formation of bacteria and dangerous germs. several animals died and the rest were premature, and moved into their winter quarters.

cute: the Hamburg showcase favorite Fiffis to the world hundetag

what a Beautiful conclusion: The world hundetag the MOPO asked the Hamburg dog owners, what do you love about your four-legged friends. Anh Phoenix, for example, known from “Gemanys Next top model” loves dwarf poodle Miu as a “living stuffed animal”.

This article was written by Kristian Meyer

*The contribution of “Animal Best of These dogs, elephants, swans & co. have touched 2018 emotionally” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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